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Roach Exterminator Phoenix Az

Cockroaches are common pests in Arizona.  Calls from frantic homeowners for roach pest control services are constant throughout the year.  Most types of roaches that Phoenix-area homeowners encounter are not native to either Arizona or the United States. Yet they are prolific. 

Common Roaches in Phoenix Az 

Some of the more common roaches that require roach pest control services: 

  1. German Cockroaches – Despite their name, these critters originally came from Africa. Typically, they measure around a quarter to one inch in length. German roaches can easily be identified by distinctive dark brown stripes (two) that run from the back of their head under the wings the length of their body.  Like most roaches, they prefer warm places near dishwashers, stoves, backs/underneath refrigerators, and water heaters.
    Unlike many other species of cockroaches, they carry their egg capsules (ootheca), with them until it hatches, secreting a chemical to keep the embryos inside viable. Although they possess wings, they do not fly, but may use their wings to slow their descent when they jump to the ground from high places.
  2. American Cockroaches – Like its cousin’s German roaches their name is deceptive as they originate from Africa and were first introduced to North American around 1625. This pest is larger than most Phoenix area roaches and typically run from about ¾ of an inch to 2 inches in length. Generally, this pest stays outside but in proximity to structures.  Adult males and females both possess wings and are fully capable of flight. These roaches can live up to one year and produce more than 150 offspring during that time.
  3. Oriental Cockroaches – The oriental cockroach, also known as a water bug, measures about one inch in length and is usually black. Males have a full set of wings; the females and immature nymphs are wingless. Males are somewhat capable of flight and can reach distances of about six to nine feet. These insects are very fond of dark, moist environments such as basements, crawl spaces, and other areas prone to water leaks and flooding. Unlike the German cockroach, females deposit their egg cases in random places, leaving the young to care for themselves. This makes them more vulnerable to human intervention.

Roach Pest Control Phoenix

german roach control phoenix az Like most Arizona pests’ roaches are attracted to areas that provide food, moisture, shelter from the Arizona sun, and protection against predators.  In order to keep roaches out of your home, it is necessary to control the conditions that they find desirable.  Correcting these conditions conducive is critical to achieving long-term relief from roaches.

Consumers are best served when they don’t leave food out in areas easily reached or when they sweep up food debris from floors.  Securing staples like sugar, flour, rice, and dog food in air-tight containers is helpful.  Keeping clutter picked up around appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, dryers, water heaters, and furnaces reduces nesting opportunities for roaches.

Eliminating conditions conducive to roaches can keep this pest away and will enhance roach pest control services.

By eliminating what attracts them, you will encourage them to leave. However, if you find you can’t control these critters by yourself, contact Bill’s Pest Control today for expert roach control advice. Our technicians can quickly identify the extent of your roach infestation and design an effective treatment.

Phoenix Roach Control

Cockroach pest control is not your typical do-it-yourself project, especially when battling an established infestation.  In fact, it can make the problem worse.  Using strong pesticides may offer temporary relief from this crafty pest.  Temporary relief can even last a few weeks. However, the infestation typically comes back in greater numbers and with a resistance to strong pesticides.

When it comes to roach pest control services consumers are best served to start with a free inspection to evaluate the problem.  Bills Pest Control has the experts to provide a thorough evaluation and recommend a roach pest control service that can provide long term relief.

For more information about Roach pest control services or to schedule a free evaluation give Arizona’s Pest Experts a call today.  The sooner you call, the sooner we can get you on the road to being roach free.

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