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How much does it cost for pest control?

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How much does it cost for pest control in Phoenix Az? Are you finding more than the occasional pest? Do you find yourself checking out insect sprays at the local retailer? Do you check your slippers and shoes for signs of scorpions or other pests? Have you been awakened in the middle of the night with that strange feeling something is crawling on you? It is time to end the cycle. Want to find out how much does it cost for pest control services? We can help!

Maybe you are a do-it-yourselfer that is not having much success, maybe you are dealing with a more serious species that has taken over, maybe you just do not have time to try home remedies – whatever the reason, there is certainly a lot to learn before you hire a professional pest control service.

Often our first concern when hiring a professional is what is it going to cost? Can I afford the service? Is the cost worth the return? Strong aspects to consider. How much does it cost for pest control

So, what is the average cost for pest control service?

In Arizona, the short answer is – it varies depending upon several factors.

Nationwide the average cost for pest control service was around $170 with a general range of $100-$270. These numbers can be misleading as they include termite services. Termite treatment services can be $100’s – $1000’s of dollars.

In the Phoenix metropolitan area, general pest control services average $150 for a one-time service. Average size homes run about $50 per month, $65-$70 bi-monthly. Quarterly services in Arizona are not recommended as summer temperatures diminish residual protection.

Consumers are best served to determine what the specific pest problem is and the result they seek. Having this information empowers consumers to compare “apples to apples.” On the surface, a $600 quote appears to be three times that of a $200 quote. In the details, one quote is for a one-time general pest control service at $200. The other is a complete termite service to protect a structure with a one-year service agreement.

And that is why it is important to know your problem. Answer your pest control needs first, and you will better be able to answer the question: what is the average cost for pest control service? For example, termite services are priced differently than cockroach services. And rodent control services are priced differently because of the number of site visits. The key in determining these prices is to ask thorough and pointed questions.

Yearly Service Agreements

If you are looking to sign a yearly service agreement, average prices range from:

  •     National Average Every month: $50-60
  •     National Average Every two months (semi-monthly): $75-100
  •     National Average One-time Service $100 to $300

There are other factors to consider. In other words, the bigger your structure(s), generally, the more you will pay. For instance, pest control for a 3,000-square-foot house will cost more than it does for a 1,500-square-foot condo. And some exterminators even charge an extra $25-50 for every additional 1,000 square feet over 1,500.

The good news is that most pest control services provide free quotes. Bills Pest Termite Control Blog

Starting Pest Control Service

As with any contract, you should always seek quotes before making your final decision. Obtaining quotes will allow you to resolve other determining factors, including demeanor (are they friendly and courteous?), reputation, professionalism (do they look and act like they have done this before?), and rapport (do they treat you and your home/business with respect?).

You can also do key research on any prospective contractor by checking their website, online reviews, and reputation. In Arizona, a consumer can check the Department of Agriculture website to ensure a company is properly licensed and has proper insurance.

Before signing any contract, you should also make sure that the company in question will not be looking to charge you at any and every opportunity. Re-treatments and/or callbacks, for instance, should always be free and should be addressed in the service agreement.

Also be sure to ask friends, neighbors, and relatives if they have any experience with a particular pest service. Word-of-mouth references are worth their weight in gold. Online message boards like NextDoor provide a good avenue to check with neighbors.

Research Online

Finally, it is always a good idea to research their pest control license. Is it up to date? Has it been suspended? Are there pending complaints? You should also ask about the products to be used in your home or business and ask how they will be applied. Any exterminator service worth it is salt should be happy and forthright with that information. After all, you are paying for it.

It is not necessarily a quick procedure, though it should not be difficult, and it is one you should undertake as quickly as possible. The reason why? Once pests infiltrate, the longer you allow them to settle in, the harder it is to get rid of them. That is because they are reproducing and spreading throughout your property.

And know that, just because you see a few, dispose of them, and then do not see more for a few days, they are not necessarily gone. Insects and rodents have thrived alongside mankind for millennia, largely because they have learned how to inhabit similar spaces without being seen very often. In Arizona, many pests have adapted to our summer heat and are often not seen during daylight hours.

And when left to their own devices, not only do they multiply (see below for more), but they can also spread disease or – especially in the case of mosquitoes, flies, and rodents – be a serious health threat.


  • A single female roof rat produces about 5-8 newborn rats in 21-23 days four times each year. That is 32 rats each. With proper conditions conducive an infestation can grow from 1 to over 100 rats in a year.
  • When it comes to roaches, a female cockroach can produce four-eight egg capsules a lifetime. Each capsule includes 30 to 48 eggs in it for a reproduction rate of 120 to 384 eggs in a typical life span of 1 year. A roach reaches maturity in 40 to 125 days, so in a little over a month can produce an increase of almost 1,500 roaches – and that makes for 18,000 in a year!

If you hope to get pests like these under control, you must sign up for regular visits from a professional exterminator. Correcting conditions conducive is critical to achieving long-term relief. Correcting these conditions will minimize exposure to harsh chemicals.

So, while it may cost money for pest control services, it is a charge that is likely to pay itself off many times over – assuming you are thorough and analytical in your approach to signing a contract. cost of pest control phoenix az

Arizona’s Hometown Exterminator

Bills Pest Control is Arizona’s Hometown Exterminator. For over three generations, Bill’s delivers effective Pest Control services designed around the SAFETY of people and pets Providing GUARANTEED pest control at AFFORDABLE rates using premium products.

We protect homes/businesses from annoying and dangerous Arizona pests. Our services are safe, effective, and affordable. We do not require a long-term contract or hefty upfront fees.

If need to know how much does it cost for pest control service? We can help!

  • Average Initial Service $90-95
  • Average Monthly Service $50
  • Average Bi-Monthly Service $65-70
  • Average One-time General Service $110-125

Note: These are for general pest control services for scorpions, crickets, ants, centipedes, spiders, earwigs, etc.

  • Tick, Flea, Roach & Mosquito services $150 Initial and $50 Bi-weekly

Most of our services include a renewable warranty, so you can have peace of mind knowing that if the critters come back, we come back!

If you have a pest problem, we have a solution. Call or text us for more information. Find out why Bill’s Pest Control is Arizona’s Hometown Exterminator.pest control phoenix


Bills Pest Termite Control helps residential and commercial property owners tackle their pest control and termite treatment problems with the best solutions. We solve pest problems. Find out why we are the #1 Rated Phoenix Pest Control Service Exterminator.

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