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What is the average Termite Treatment Cost in Phoenix Az?

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T-E-R-M-I-T-E-S!! If you have and/or had these micro-sized wood eaters, the mere mention can make your “hair stand on end.” The first question consumers ask after discovering an infestation is “how much will a termite treatment cost?” Is it expensive? What does the average termite control cost in Phoenix?

Got termites? We can help. Bills Termite Control has been protecting Arizona structures for over three generations. We have the experience to get rid of all types of termites. Our services are safe, effective, and affordable. Bill’s has a solid reputation for getting the job done right and being honest with our assessments. Read our online reviews. Not all termite problems require an expensive or high termite treatment cost. Believe it or not, some infestations can be remedied without out-of-pocket termite control costs. termite treatment cost

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So, what is the average cost for termite control? The simple answer is that it depends. Not all termites are the same. Arizona is home to at least 17 different types of termites. Some species will invade from underground, others via flight, and some infestations are hidden in items brought into a structure. As nesting habits vary by species, so will effective treatment methods.

Termite treatment costs can vary depending upon the species, extent of the infestation, type, and size of the structure. Termite services are not always expensive. In some cases, an infestation can be removed without paying for an expensive service.

Termite Control Cost Phoenix Az

In Phoenix, 9 out of 10 termite service calls involve subterranean termites. This species typically nests underground and builds tunnels on or through foundations. Hence, the title subterranean termites.

  • Average subterranean Termite Treatment Cost – $500 – $1000 depending upon the foundation footprint size.

Termite Treatment cost for this species involves creating a protective barrier around and under the foundation.

Desert Termites typically attack wood fences, dead or dying trees, and plants.

  • Average Desert/Landscape Seasonal Spray – $100 – $150

This is a one-time ground spray that may be required 1 or 2 times a year.

Drywood Termites while not as common live and nest within the wood they infest. Treatment methods and costs can vary.

  • Average Drywood Termite Spot Treatment – $396
  • Average Drywood Termite Fumigation – $1500 – $2500

Termite Control cost for Drywood Termites can vary by the size of the structure, area(s) to be serviced, and eradication method.

An important aspect of termite treatment and control that is overlooked is the warranty.  Given the cryptic nature of this pest, consumers are best to have a long-term service agreement in place that includes yearly inspections.

On the surface, a 5-year warranty looks a lot better than a 1- or 2-year termite warranty.  Five-year warranties usually require more upfront fees, and the warranty expires after the term ends. Continuation of the warranty after 5 years can be expensive and/or require a new treatment.

Most 1-year termite warranties can be renewed indefinitely and include a yearly inspection. In the long run, this program is a better value.

Preventative Termite Treatment

The easiest way to find out how much the termite treatment cost is to call for an inspection. Most termite companies provide “free termite inspections.” Yearly inspections are the best protection against termite damage.

“Should I pay for a preventative termite treatment to protect my home?” In general, the answer is no. Paying for such a service can be a waste of hard-earned money and provide a false sense of security. Remember, not all termites are the same. Treating the soil around a structure will provide no deterrence to several species.

For more information about wood-destroying insect eradication services, get in touch with Arizona’s Termite Experts. We can provide you with an instant Phoenix termite treatment cost via phone, in-person, or by text 24/7. Pest Control Phoenix Az.

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