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Is Mouse Control in Phoenix Az going bananas?

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Looking for a natural mouse deterrent? Consider bananas.

Is there a more fun and delicious fruit than the banana? The bright yellow color, the smiley shape and the delicious creamy texture all make bananas a beloved fruit by people of all ages.

Not only are bananas delicious, but they are good for you too! Bananas are high in potassium, a mineral that promotes heart health and normal blood pressure, therefore eating bananas makes your heart stronger. Bananas also help with digestion by providing starch and fiber.

So, what is the connection between bananas and mice?

College researchers have discovered that bananas frighten mice and has the potential to keep them away.

Before you consider going to the local grocery store and cleaning out the bananas supple, here are some important details of that study. Researchers conducted experiments on male house mice and found that the smell of pregnant or lactating female house mice stressed them out. A key ingredient in the females’ urine affected the males. This is an olfactory smell emitted by the pregnant females to warn the male mice to stay away from their offspring, thereby protecting their new baby mice.

When isolating this chemical compound, researchers found its makeup to be the same chemical that gives bananas their distinctive smell. They tested banana oil and found the same stress response as was happening with the urine of the pregnant or lactating females.

While the banana smell elicits a stress response in the male, it also has an analgesic (pain relieving) effect. Scientist aren’t quite sure what the purpose is yet. It can happen quickly, in as little as five minutes, after smelling the chemicals. It also wears off fairly fast, abating in about one hour.

Interestingly, this finding happened by accident. The pregnant female mice were being used for a separate experiment, but a student researcher noticed the odd behavior of the males.

Studies like this show the importance of smell and the complex chemical communication that happens with rodents. Isolating and replicating these compounds can lead to more effective rodent control.

While using banana oil as a means of rodent control may not be a final answer this study further illustrates the importance of removing rodent urine. Rodents rely on smell to navigate, find food, avoid danger and to mark territories. Experienced rodent control exterminators understand and utilize scent(s) to their advantage.

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