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Are Pest Control Companies Worth It?

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How do you deal with a pest infestation in your home? As a DIYer, you might be tempted to eradicate pests without seeking help. But are you better off enlisting the services of an extermination company? Are pest control companies worth it?

Here are the reasons hiring a professional pest control company is better.


Long-Term Cost Savings

The upfront cost can discourage you from hiring a pest control company. However, before purchasing insecticides, you should consider the effectiveness of your efforts. Pest control companies do more than pour insecticides around your home. They identify the source and extent of an infestation.

They have handled extensive infestations and have the expertise to deal with such situations. Not only that, reputable pest control companies offer a service guarantee. They will come back to check on the effectiveness of their service at scheduled times at no extra charge to you.

Most pest control services also offer year-round pest control services. The experts will visit your home at intervals through these services to check for possible infestations or warning signs of an impending infestation.


Better Products and Techniques

Reputable pest control companies use better products and techniques to handle a pest infestation. They can assess the situation to determine the most effective and safest strategies.

Pest control companies that use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) focus on eliminating pests while protecting your home, pets, and the environment. They use their knowledge of pet behavior and biology to determine the extent of an infestation and decide on the best control techniques.

They also have access to more effective chemicals and equipment that you would not access as a homeowner.


Effective for Difficult Pests

Pests like bed bugs, termites, and rodents are hard to eradicate. In the case of bedbugs, most over-the-counter pesticides target adults only, leaving behind eggs. These eggs hatch and the infestation recurs.

Termites are also hard to detect and eradicate. They can build their colonies from the ground up if you miss one female and male termite. To make matters worse, they can go undetected for years.

Rats and mice are also hard to remove from your house once they have an established population. Professional pest control companies do an extensive eradication job which involves identifying the source, entryways, and hiding spaces these pests have built.

They also employ harsher chemicals, more effective at destroying eggs, larvae, and adults of difficult-to-eradicate pests.



Are pest control companies worth it? Yes, these companies limit your exposure to dangerous chemicals when controlling pests.

Pesticides pose a significant risk to people and pets. They can be more dangerous when used incorrectly or excessively. Even DIY methods, sometimes considered healthier and safer, can cause extensive damage.

Working with a pest control company minimizes your exposure to hazardous chemicals. These companies have access to environmentally safe chemicals and the knowledge to apply them effectively without exposing your family and pets.


Preventive Measures

Most DIY pest control activities are reactive. You buy a pesticide or use home remedies when you spot an infestation. While professional pest control incorporates reactive pest control, these companies implement some preventative measures to prevent re-infestation.

Most prevention measures entail sealing all possible entry points and treating the lawn and house’s exterior to prevent pests from traveling into the house.


How To Choose a Pest Control Service

While pest control services are effective, working with the wrong company could cost you more. When choosing a pest control company, the goal is to find one with a record of top-notch service delivery. Here are essential questions to ask:

  • How many homeowners have you helped eradicate pests?
  • Are you certified/licensed to work in this state? Ask to see their licensing.
  • Do you work with qualified pesticide applicators and technicians?
  • How long has your business been operating in this state/city?

Some red flags to watch out for include the following:

  • They do not have a listed address or working phone number.
  • They insist on including pest control as a package deal if you agree to immediate treatment.
  • Their prices are based on the number of gallons used in the extermination.
  • They want to pressure you into signing up for pest control services.
  • They bring insects or pests from your neighbors, insisting that you should also eradicate the pests from your home.
  • They claim to be endorsed by government agencies like the EPA or the Department of Agriculture. While these agencies are involved in researching and regulating pesticides, they do not endorse any products.

So, Are Pest Control Companies Worth It?

DIY pest control is ideal for minor pest problems. However, it is worth calling a professional pest control company when dealing with a full-scale infestation. Pest control experts will pinpoint the source of the problem and identify the best and safest pest extermination method. They also offer regular inspections to catch pest issues before they get out of control.


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