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911 Pest Control

After a long day no one wants to come home, flip on a light switch and discover infesting pests. The sight of bugs scurrying across your floor or a mouse lurking behind an appliance can be unnerving. What if you awake in the morning and notice red, itchy bites on your body?

What would you do? Do you have an exterminator on speed dial?

If you live in Metropolitan Phoenix Arizona the answer is Bills Pest Termite Control. Bill’s is Arizona’s Pest Experts. We provide Emergency Pest Infestation Control Services – 911 Pest Control 24/7/365 and same day service when you schedule before noon. Let us help make your home or business a pest-free environment.

If you have a non-recurring pest problem you need taken care of quickly, we are happy to provide a one-time service for you. Bills Pest Termite Control provides same-day service for all types of pest problems when you call and schedule before noon.

Same Day Pest Control

Are you looking for an easy, affordable, and safe pest solution for your home or business but are not sure where to begin? At Bill’s Pest Control we use a highly-effective, family and eco-friendly pest management approach that brings you the quick results you expect along with the long-term protection you deserve.

If you require immediate service, we provide same-day service when you order before noon. Call 602.308.4510 or text us 602.786.7386 today and we can dispatch a trained professional who can put you back on the road to living pest free.

Emergency Pest Control Phoenix Az

Unfortunately, Arizona pests do not keep 8 to 5 hours. Nor do they limit their activity to Monday through Friday. Meaning that most pest problems are discovered at inconvenient times and need immediate service.

Should you discover a pest control emergency be prepared. Call 602.308.4510 or text 602.786.7386 Bills Pest Termite Control. Don’t wait. The problem will not go away on its own and will only get worse.

Arizona bugs can be a serious problem for home and business owners. They cause health problems, damage property, and attract other pests. They also make structures unlivable by most people’s standards.

Most pest control companies are slow to respond to pest control problems and use outdated techniques that don’t always work well or last long enough to solve the problem.

Emergency Residential Pest Control

Bills Pest Termite Control only uses trained technicians to protect your house from pests. That way, your family stays healthy. We have the experience and training to quickly resolve pest threats

We care about your pets and ensure that they’re safe and don’t get sick from the treatments we provide. Most services include a warranty option so you can have peace of mind knowing that if the bugs come back, we come back.

Emergency Commercial Pest Control

Got bugs and you’re trying to run a business?  We know that Arizona pests can disrupt any business. We’ll provide exceptional exterminating pest solutions so that you can run your business without any interruptions.

We realize that sometimes we need to be delicate when handling pest control issues during business operations. You can trust Bills Pest Termite Control to discreetly eliminate any pest problem and keep it from coming back.

Emergency Bed Bugs Treatment

Bed bugs are the most aggravating pest on the planet. They make you itch and leave unsightly bug bites all over your body while you sleep. Discovering bed bugs can be a life altering experience.

If you have bed bugs, our emergency bed bug control solutions can remove them quickly and keep them from coming back.

DIY or Call a Professional?

Thanks to readily available over-the-counter bug sprays and google getting rid of pests may seem easier than ever…or is it? It almost seems like a natural reaction to reach for a can of raid and hose down every creepy crawler we discover in our home. Most Americans prefer to go the DIY route hoping they can achieve immediate results, while saving time and money.

Unfortunately, not all pests are as simple as they appear. Trying to tackle a pest emergency alone may cause bigger issues down the road. For example, spraying ants with an over-the-counter bug spray can provide immediate relief only to trigger a much larger infestation within weeks.

In most cases home and business owners are best served calling a professional pest control exterminator.

Emergency Pest Control Scottsdale Az

Emergency Scottsdale pest control services are here to help home and business owners tackle any bug or rodent problems ASAP. You may be investigating the source of a bug you saw and discover a massive infestation. There are many horror stories of Scottsdale residents waking up to find bed bugs in their bed or a small army of roaches scampering through their kitchen.

With our Scottsdale emergency pest control service, the infestation is able to be addressed swiftly and effectively using experience. In addition to getting rid of Scottsdale pests, our professional exterminators will educate you on preventative measures so you won’t have any problems again in the future. You may think that you’ll save money trying to take care of pest control by yourself, but DIY measures only resolve the issue temporarily. Behind the scenes (aka your walls and foundation), bugs and rodents can cause serious, expensive damage.

Emergency Pest Control Mesa Az

You probably don’t see pests very often, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be giving them some thought. Yes, pests are a nuisance, and they cause problems throughout their surroundings — not exactly the most heartwarming thing to ponder. But left unchecked, pests can cause damage or carry diseases and allergies that affect people long-term. Not only are pests annoying to us as humans, but they can affect our pets too.

If you’re looking for emergency pest control in Mesa Az, we provide the Mesa pest control services you need to regain control and remove those unwanted bugs and rodents. From ants, wasps and spiders to earwigs, silverfish and mice, we will help you live a pest-free life.

Emergency Rodent Control

Typically, it starts with hearing strange scratching noises behind your walls and ceilings? The sound of something scurrying across the rafters in the attic. Our discovering mysterious grease marks along your floorboards? Finding large holes in the walls or baseboards? These are clear signs of a rodent infestation. But don’t worry. Rodent control is one of Bills Pest and Termite Control specialties and we can help!

Bill’s emergency Rodent Control Service can resolve rodent issues immediately and effectively. Most rodent control services include a renewable warranty so our customers can have peace of mind knowing that if the problem comes back, we come back!

Emergency Termite Control Services

Bill’s Termite Control has been protecting homes and businesses from Arizona termites for over three generations. Our inspectors and service technicians are the best trained and experienced in the Grand Canyon State. Bill’s is the termite exterminator that other pest control companies recommend when they encounter a termite problem that is beyond their resources.

If you need a last-minute termite inspection report, termite treatment or new construction termite treatment services Bill’s is your go-to-exterminator. Getting a quote or scheduling service as easy as texting our 24/7 number 602.786.7386, calling our office or messaging online.

Arizona’s Pest Experts

At Bills Pest & Termite Control, it’s our goal to protect people, pets, and property from Arizona pests. We’ve been in business for over three generations, which means we understand the pests that are common in Arizona and have the know-how, tools, and experience to eliminate them. We provide pest solutions for a variety of pests, including challenges with bed bugs, rodents and termites. We are your friendly hometown exterminator, providing expertise that eliminates and prevents pest activity in Arizona homes and businesses.


Bills Pest Termite Control helps residential and commercial property owners tackle their pest control and termite treatment problems with the best solutions. We solve pest problems. Find out why we are the #1 Rated Phoenix Pest Control Service Exterminator.

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