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Phoenix Roof Rat Control

Need a Roof Rat service? Bills Pest Termite Control is the rodent exterminator to call. Bills Roof Rat Control will come out and inspect your structure for any signs of any roof rats, rodents, mice, and even squirrels. We have the best rodent exterminators in Arizona making sure to do a thorough inspection of your home, as well as servicing it as needed!

Roof rats can be difficult to catch and may do extensive damage to your home’s if left alone. Our roof rat exterminators use humane methods to quickly and efficiently locate the location of the roof rat nest in your attic, then put down traps or bait to eradicate them.

When your home has a roof rat problem, call in the season veterans at Bills Rodent Control Phoenix. Roof rats are incredibly adaptable, intelligent, and destructive creatures that can cause extensive damage to a structure.

Roof rats pose a serious threat to any structure and the personal health of people and pets. Call Bills Roof Rat Control today. We can put you on the road to living roof rat free!



Roof Rat Control

Hi, I’m Bill Jr with Bills Pest Termite Control located in beautiful Phoenix Arizona. Today I’m here with Loretta one of our experts with over 34 years in the rodent control industry. Loretta is here to address common questions consumers ask when it comes to roof rat eradication and control.

How are you Loretta? I’m doing great Bill!

What are the noises I’m hearing in my attic

Our first question is what are the noises I’m hearing in my attic?

Well, that depends on the time of day, if you’re hearing them during the day most likely it’ll be a squirrel or a bird. If you’re hearing them late at night or early morning the possibility is there that it’s roof rats or some sort of rodent. If that is the case the best thing for you to do is call professional rodent exterminator to come out and provide a free inspection.

How do I tell if I have Roof Rats and what are the signs of Roof Rats

OK, how do I tell if I have roof rats and what are the signs of roof rats?

Basically, if you have fruit trees and the fruit on the ground all hollowed out with nothing but the skin left that can be a good indication.  Birds will peck at the outside skin of fruit but the roof rats literally hollow out oranges leaving only the skin.  Seeing this could mean you have roof rats. If you have patio furniture up against an outside wall you can slide that away from the wall and look for droppings.  Roof rat droppings may be difficult for the untrained eye to distinguish from other pest dropping.

Having a roof rat exterminator provide a free rodent inspection is recommended for consumers concerned about roof rat infestations.

OK, thank you for providing expert rodent control advice for us today.

If you are having a problem with roof rats give us a call today. We can provide a free roof rat inspection and evaluation.

Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown Phoenix Rodent Control Experts.


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