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Roof Rat Exterminator Service Phoenix Az

Roof rat control and removal services is a serious matter. If you are seeing rats on your property, but they are leaving no droppings then they may be roof rats. Roof rats can cause serious damage to a structure, plants and trees in your yard while being a health threat to people and pets. If you notice any signs of roof rats or if you have heard noises in the attic or roof of your structure, then please contact us right away!

Roof rats are loud and extremely destructive. They chew through wires, insulation, and ducts. They can also damage your home’s foundations.


What do Roof Rats sound like in the attic or roof?

Given the nocturnal nature of this pest they tend to be active during evening hours into early morning. Often the sounds of thumping as they run along joists is intermingled with scratching sounds as they prepare nests can be heard.

Roof rats are the most common rat in Phoenix. In the winter they tend to be less active, but during the warmer months of spring and fall they can take over your home if you don’t do something about it. The key to getting rid of roof rats is with a proper inspection and correct rodent control products. Our certified pest control technicians have years of experience in eliminating these dirty pests from attics and roofs, as well as finding where they are entering through open vents, holes in the facade or other entrances into your attic.

Where do Roof Rats hide during the day?

During daylight hours roof rats tend to stay in or near nesting areas. Areas with low human or pet traffic that are dark and quiet make ideal nesting areas. Thick foliage, underneath storage sheds, insulation in attics and stored items are common places we find nests in Arizona.

Roof rats can be seen in many different locations around your home. Roof rats like to make their nests on the roof or in the attic, as well as in basements and attics. They do not live in the ground, so they will not be found out there. You can hear them by listening for rustling and light scratching coming from your walls. When a roof rat has taken up residence in your home, there will often be evidence of their presence: droppings, flattened insulation or nests made from fabric and shredded paper or cardboard. Let us put your mind at ease. Our technicians are trained to track, trap, remove, and humanely euthanize any rats that they find. We’ll eliminate the infestation quickly and efficiently.

Are Roof Rats easy to get rid of?

Getting rid of roof rats is not typically a do-it-yourself project. Hiring an experienced roof rat exterminator can make the process simple and stress-free.

There’s no need to hassle with a roof rat infestation. We will eradicate the entire colony immediately and protect your home from future infestations of thieving rats.

We understand how important it is to remove rats from your property quickly, and we offer our services to meet your needs as well as your budget.

Call Arizona’s Roof Rat Exterminators for a free inspection and estimate. We will treat your roof rats and get rid of them for good!

Bills Roof Rat Control

Hello again, Bill Jr from Bills Rodent Control located here in Phoenix Arizona.

I’m with Loretta again to provide more roof rat insight and answer questions generated from our first roof rat control video.

How are you today, Loretta? Doing good Bill thanks for asking.

One of our top questions is what do roof rats sound like in the roof, or in the attic?

Well, they’re up there playing and foraging at night, you might hear some thumping and if a momma roof rat is trying to nest you might hear scratching because she’s going down into the insulation to build a nest for her soon to be arriving offspring.

OK in our last video you mentioned that roof rats are typically active early in the morning and late at night. Where do roof rats hide during the day?

Usually in the thick foliage of your yard. Roof rats can also get underneath storage sheds or stored items. If you have one, they will hide in dark areas that are quiet with low traffic from people and pets.

Are roof rats easy to get rid of?

Yes, with a proper inspection and a proper set down of roof rat control devices they can be easy to get rid. Eradicating roof rats does require patience as this pest can be shy. Trapping roof rats in an attic, using bait control outside and sealing access points are critical to eliminating this pest. Sealing access points is critical to ensuring this pest does not re-infest. Thanks Loretta.

If you have a roof rat problem, or suspect a problem give us a call today.

Put our roof rat exterminator experience to work for you.

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