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Authorized Optical Gel Installer Phoenix, Az

Authorized Optical Gel Installer Phoenix, Az

Best Authorized Optical Gel Installer Phoenix AZ

If you’re slogging through the aftermath of pigeon activity in Phoenix, Arizona, Bills Pest Termite Control has your back! As an authorized installer of Optical Gel in Phoenix Az, we bring an innovative and bird-friendly solution to keep these pesky creatures at bay.

What is Optical Gel?

Optical Gel is a multi-sensory bird deterrent gel that manages to keep pigeons and other birds off your property without harming them. It disorients the birds’ sight, smell and touch, creating an unpleasant environment discouraging them from nesting and perching.

The gel comes in low-profile dishes that are incredibly easy to install and provide multi-angle effectiveness, making it perfect for all bird control scenarios, from ledges and eaves, to signs and rooftops.

Why is Optical Gel a good product for Pigeon Control?

When it comes to pigeon control, Optical Gel stands apart due to its humane and non-lethal approach. Unlike traditional bird spikes or netting, the product doesn’t injure or harm the pigeons. It merely conditions them to associate your property with an uncomfortable experience, leading them to eventually avoid it.

Moreover, Optical Gel is weather-resistant, providing long-term, low-maintenance pigeon control. It’s a clean solution causing minimal disruption while effectively deterring a wide array of bird species.

Why Choose Bills Pest Termite Control for Pigeon Control Services in Arizona?

Bills Pest Termite Control is proud to be an authorized Optical Gel Installer in Phoenix, Az. With a wealth of experience in pigeon control, we’ve seen how traditional control methods can fall short and how innovative products like Optical Gel can transform the residential and commercial landscape.

Our team of trained professionals will evaluate your property to identify critical spots for Optical Gel installation, ensuring maximum effectiveness. We understand each property is unique, and customize our solutions to fit your specific needs.

Choosing Bills Pest Termite Control means choosing peace of mind. Our technicians not only provide efficient pigeon control services but leave you with advice and preventive measures to keep your property bird-free far into the future.

Embrace a new dawn of pigeon control with Optical Gel and Bills Pest Termite Control – keeping Phoenix, Arizona free from pesky pigeons, one building at a time.

Let us help get rid of the Pigeons - Best Authorized Optical Gel Installer Phoenix AZ

Let us help get rid of the Pigeons – Best Authorized Optical Gel Installer Phoenix AZ

Authorized Optical Gel Installer Phoenix Az FAQs

How does Optical Gel work to deter birds?

Optical Gel deters birds through a multi-sensory aversion strategy. When birds see the gel, they perceive it as a flame or physical deterrent. The gel also emits a smell (undetectable to humans) that birds find unpleasant. All combined, the birds are thus discouraged to roost or nest in areas where the gel is applied.

Is Optical Gel safe for birds and the environment?

Absolutely! Optical Gel is a non-toxic, non-harmful product that simply dissuades birds from landing or nesting. It doesn’t harm birds or other wildlife. It’s also safe for use around humans and pets. Optical Gel is a humane and eco-friendly bird control solution.

How long does Optical Gel stay effective?

One of the advantages of Optical Gel is its longevity. The product is designed to withstand different weather conditions and remain effective for up to two years after initial installation. However, for optimal bird control, it’s recommended to have periodic checks and maintenance by certified installers like Bills Pest Termite Control.

Authorized Optical Gel Installer Phoenix Az 602.308.4510

Best Authorized Optical Gel Installer

Best Authorized Optical Gel Installer

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