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What are Earwigs?

Earwigs are insects that have pincers on their rear ends. They have long antennae and a flat body, which is why they’re sometimes called “pincer bugs.”
Earwigs are nocturnal, meaning they come out at night to hunt for food and mates. They can be found in gardens or wooded areas around Phoenix Arizona. Earwigs eat leaves, flowers and other vegetation as well as insects like aphids or caterpillars. If you find an earwig in your garden it’s important not only to get rid of them but also any other bugs that may be attracted by their presence because these pests will destroy plants if left unchecked!

What Kind of Damage Do Earwigs Cause?

Earwigs are known to cause damage to plants, furniture and clothing. They can also be a nuisance because they will crawl into your home at night while you’re sleeping and hide in dark places like closets or under furniture. If you have an infestation of earwigs in Phoenix Arizona or anywhere else in the state, it’s important that you call Bills Pest Termite Control right away so we can help get rid of them for good!

Signs of an Earwig Infestation

Here are a few signs of an earwig infestation:

  • Spotted wings. Earwigs have two pairs of wings and are able to fly, though they don’t do so often. If you see them flying around your home, it means that there is an infestation in the area and you should contact us immediately!
  • Piles of droppings. Droppings from earwigs look like small black grains or pellets and can be found near nests or food sources like plants or fruits that have been chewed on by these pests.
  • Nests made out of debris such as leaves, paper towels or clothing fibers (if they’re hiding under something). These nests are usually found behind furniture where they’re harder for homeowners to find them on their own without professional help from someone like Bills Pest Termite Control!
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Best Earwig Exterminator in Phoenix, AZ

How to Prevent an Earwig Infestation

  • Eliminate sources of food. Earwigs are attracted to warm, moist environments with high humidity and little light. To prevent an infestation, you should remove all sources of food from your home–including pet food and birdseed–and keep your house clean so that crumbs don’t accumulate on the floor or counters.
  • Reduce moisture in your home by keeping drains clean and plumbing systems free from leaks, which can lead to mold growth that attracts earwigs as well as other pests like cockroaches or termites. If you have a leaky roof or windowsills with condensation problems, consider installing weather stripping around doors and windowsills so they’re less likely to let in moisture during cold weather months when heaters are running constantly indoors.* Seal cracks and crevices where these bugs could enter into homes (or businesses) undetected by homeowners/business owners who may not realize how quickly these bugs multiply once inside their property line(s). You might also consider using traps instead of pesticides if possible since this method does not harm humans but still gets rid off any existing ones present inside buildings.”

How to Get Rid of Earwigs

There are several ways to get rid of earwigs. If you have an infestation, it’s important to act quickly and efficiently. Here are some of the most common methods:

  • Chemical treatments – These include pesticides and insecticides that can be purchased at your local hardware store or pest control supply store. You can also hire a professional exterminator to come out and spray for them in your home or business if you don’t want to do it yourself.
  • Natural remedies – Some people swear by using diatomaceous earth (DE) as an effective way of getting rid of these pests because it dehydrates them quickly while they’re still alive, but this method isn’t recommended unless you have no other options available due its toxicity level being high enough that even humans could suffer adverse effects from exposure over time if used improperly!
  • Traps – There are many different types available today including sticky boards which work well when placed near entry points such as cracks around windowsills where they usually enter homes through openings like vents too small for humans but large enough for bugs like earwigs; glue traps which catch insects by sticking them down onto paper strips coated with adhesive material so they cannot escape once caught inside; glue boards which trap insects by sticking them down onto cardboard sheets covered completely with sticky substances such as glue gel containing pheromone attractants designed specifically for attracting male moths only since females aren’t attracted by these scents due their lack thereof having wings so cannot fly away once trapped inside.

Why You Should Trust Bills Pest Termite Control to Exterminate Earwigs

Bills Pest Termite Control is the expert in extermination. We’ve been serving Phoenix for over 30 years and have seen it all, whether it’s a tiny bug or a full-on infestation of cockroaches. Our technicians are licensed and trained to handle any pest problem you may have, so you can trust us to get rid of earwigs quickly and safely.
Our treatments use only professional-grade products that are safe for humans, pets, and the environment–no harsh chemicals here! If you’re not happy with our service at any point during or after treatment, we’ll come back again at no cost until everything is taken care of properly.

Expert Earwig Pest Control Phoenix AZ

Expert Earwig Pest Control Phoenix AZ

What to Expect From a Professional Earwig Extermination Service

If you’re interested in having an earwig infestation exterminated, there are a few things you can expect from a professional service.
First, they will inspect your property for signs of the bugs. Then they’ll treat the areas where they are most likely to be found (usually basements and crawl spaces). If you have pets or small children who might come into contact with these areas, it’s important that they be treated as well so that no one gets bitten by accident!
After that initial treatment has been completed, follow-up visits may be necessary every few months until all signs of infestation have been eliminated completely.

Tips for Dealing With Earwigs After Treatment

After you’ve had your earwig problem treated, it’s important to keep up with preventive maintenance.
Keep an eye out for signs of infestation and monitor activity in your home or business. If you see any bugs crawling around, call Bills Pest Termite Control immediately.

The Cost of Professional Earwig Extermination Services

The cost of professional earwig extermination services will depend on several factors, including:

  • The size of your home or property.
  • The extent of the infestation.
  • Whether or not you want to use a chemical treatment in addition to the physical removal process (which can be costly).
    If you’re looking for an estimate, expect to pay between $300 and $400 for a one-time treatment that includes both trapping and removal of earwigs from your home or business premises.

Bills Pest Termite Control

If you have an infestation of earwigs in Phoenix Arizona, it’s important to call a professional extermination service. Bills Pest Termite Control has been providing quality pest control services since 1994 and can help you get rid of these annoying bugs once and for all.
We hope that this article has answered any questions you may have had about earwigs (pincher bugs) in Phoenix Arizona! If not, please contact us at Bills Pest Termite Control today.

Best Pest Control Company in Phoenix Az

Best Pest Control Company in Phoenix, Az

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