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Best Flock Off Bird Control in Phoenix Az

Best Flock Off Bird Control in Phoenix, AZ

Flock Off Bird Control in Phoenix Az

Looking for a revolutionary, high tech and humane solution to pest birds? We can help! Bill’s Pigeon Control Phoenix can permanently stop birds from roosting, nesting, and landing on any structure in the Phoenix area.

Our innovative bird control service will help eliminate the high costs, work shutdowns, risks, health hazards and damage caused by pest birds!

Even more exciting is that our Flock Off system can eliminate any bird problem on any structure permanently. Without the use of chemicals, baits or unsightly bird deterrent apparatuses.


“The Flock Off system worked fantastic” – Phoenix Restaurant Owner

The Flock Off system uses natural science to disrupt the migratory physiology of birds. In other words, birds use the earth’s magnetic field to navigate during flight. The Flock Off System generates electromagnetic pulses to disrupt their ability to navigate and land. As a result, birds become confused and will leave treated areas.

  • 100% Humane – Does not harm birds, humans, pets or any non-targeted animals. Pest Birds only feel the effects when they are within range (usually a radius of 6’) and stop feeling the effect once they move away. No use of Chemicals or Baits.
  • Highly Effective – Works on all species of birds that are active during daylight.
  • Clean Installation – No unsightly bird spikes, nets or cages.
  • Minimal Maintenance – Once the system is in place only yearly follow up inspections may be necessary.

Health Risks

  • Structures infested with pest birds pose serious health risks to occupants, customers, workers and pets.
  • Bird droppings can carry over 60 known transmittable diseases including viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  • Pest birds host over 50 ectoparasites and their nests can harbor several kinds of insect pests.
  • The health risk for cross contamination is serious when people, pets and rodents track bird droppings into sensitive areas.


Health Code

  • Health Code Violations, audit failures, shut-downs, recalls and even hard time, with introduction of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in 2016
  • Government has taken notice of birds’ extensive mobility and persistent behavior to live in, on or near our food, making them a Zero Tolerance Pest
  • Enough to threaten many end-user clients with potential for HUGE losses if live birds, nests, feathers and/or droppings are found in, on or near the facilities they manage


Minimize Liability

  • Attacking birds protecting their young or when aggressively feeding. The real danger is in the person’s reaction to the attacking bird, and when they forget they’re close to a street or on a roof for example
  • Slip and fall hazards caused by bird droppings on the ground, especially when wet
  • Fire that can be caused by birds building nests in signage, dryer vents or electrical equipment. Can cause a short circuit and spread with “tinder” from nesting material
  • Carbon Monoxide poisoning from birds building nests in exhaust vents


Protects Brand & Reputation

  • You work long and hard to create your brand.
  • Birds, their nests and droppings damage these brands, sending a subconscious message that the business is careless and sloppy
  • Your “brand” is not isolated to signage, it can be in their front entrance or the entire building.
  • This is an intangible that deals more in perception than dollars



  • Structural: Caused from droppings and nesting materials combining with water from the clogged drains that cause catastrophic roof failure
  • Property: Building components, vegetation, ground, equipment, HVAC system, and any other physical property being damaged by pest birds
  • Roof damage: Droppings eat away at the substrate, cause leaks, void warranties and reduce the life expectancy of roofing systems
  • Products-Merchandise: Droppings and nests on top of products or merchandise for sale inside a client location


What is the Flock Off Bird Deterrent System?

  • It’s a revolutionary, high-tech, and humane solution to stop birds from landing on structures IMMEDIATELY AND PERMANENTLY!
  • It can help eliminate the costs, risks, health hazards and damage caused by birds ONCE AND FOR ALL!

How does it work?

  • It produces an electromagnetic field (EMF) that affects a bird’s internal navigation system.
  • Switching the polarity inside the EMF between N and S 120 times per second.
  • As the bird approaches to land on the protected area, it feels and sees the protective field which affects its ability to judge speed and distance.
  • In simple terms: Imagine turning left across non-stop, incoming traffic but you can’t tell how far away nor how fast the cars are coming. Would you make the left turn? So, using this logic, the bird aborts the landing and after possibly trying a few more times, it flies off and lands somewhere “safer.”

“Your system worked like our invisible dog fence although instead of keeping the birds in a specified area it kept them away.” – Pet Boarding Owner in Scottsdale.


Why does Flock Off work?

Birds have one of nature’s most amazing internal navigation systems with one or both of the following physiological elements depending on species: Photopigments (chemicals inside their eyes) that are affected by both light and the Earth’s magnetic field. Particles of magnetite in their beak or near specific cranial nerves that help them orient to true North.

By affecting these physiological elements, the Flock Off Bird Deterrent System essentially blinds the bird as it approaches for a landing which is arguably one of its most complex and vulnerable activities. Birds have evolved this internal navigation system over millennia and will very likely take that long to evolve a defense against our solution meaning that for the foreseeable future, they cannot adapt, learn, or modify their behavior in any way to overcome it.


What Pest Birds are affected?

Since the Flock Off Bird Deterrent System affects the biology/physiology, of all diurnal birds (active during the daytime) they all feel the effect and have the same reaction Doesn’t work on owls for example, they rely more on their hearing ability

Understanding how the target bird species approaches the structure when landing, is essential to the placement and direction of the system’s components Mud swallows and woodpeckers land on the vertical wall where pigeons and gulls land on a flat surface for example.


Does Flock Off hurt Pest Birds?

NO! The protective field extends 6-10’ like a dome and the bird feels the effects only while physically in this space. The bird does not physically encounter the system’s components. Once the bird aborts the landing and moves away from the protective field, everything returns to normal. Additionally, some bird species can sense the protective field from as far away as 50 or more feet. So, a bird that has “felt” the protective magnetic field, may know now what it looks like and will likely stay even further away from it.


Affect people or pets?

The short answer is NO! It only affects avian biology or in other words birds. It DOES NOT affect: Mammals (people, dogs, cats). Our system does not work on bats either Reptiles (lizard and snakes). But a pet bird might be keenly aware of its presence, and that may work in your favor if it ever gets out of its enclosure.


Can Flock Off Harm in Any Way?

The bare stainless-steel wire that runs the length of the system produces a low voltage current that feels like a mild shock when touched. It’s no different from the one felt when you touch any one of the “shock” systems commonly available to deter birds or other animals.

“Thousands of wasted dollars later and having to deal with frustrated tenants we finally found a system that works.” – Mesa Property Manager


Does Flock Off interfere with Wi-Fi or Electronic/Communication devices?

The answer is a resounding NO! We have done extensive testing with the military, aviation, and medical industries to confirm that the Flock Off Bird Deterrent System does not interfere with any electrical/electronic device currently used in structures.


Does Flock Off really work, is it safe?

Yes! It works and it’s safe! We have 1,000’s of satisfied customers worldwide many of which have felt compelled to write glaring testimonials and recommendation letters. We waited two years before bringing Flock Off Bird Deterrent System to the market in order to: Complete an efficacy study with the University of Arizona. Receive CE safety certification, which is the most accepted worldwide. Receive certification from FCC confirming that it does not interfere with other systems.


Does Flock Off look ugly when installed?

No, especially when compared to other commonly used products such as netting, spikes and other deterrents. From ground level the only visible components are the thin, stainless-steel wire that provides the current between the power supply and the capacitors.


How Does it Work in Adverse Weather?

Proven to work in all weather conditions including our excess Phoenix summer heat. Since the system is electro-magnetic and not electronic, it will still produce a protective field even if completely covered in snow. The power supply component is completely sealed and water resistant.


Does Flock Off need maintenance?

The system is analog, has very few moving parts and does not require additional programming after the initial installation. So, if nothing “external” damages it, you will know it’s working by the fact that there are no birds within the protective area. Having said that, it is recommended to have a yearly inspection to ensure none of these “external” forces are at play.

If you are interested in having a Flock Off Bird Deterrent system installed give us a call today. As you Phoenix area authorized Flock Off Installer we can provide a free quote and quality installation.

Affordable Flock Off Bird Control in Phoenix, AZ 602.308.4510

Best Bird Control in Phoenix, AZ

Best Bird Control in Phoenix, AZ

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