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How do I get rid of Pigeons in Phoenix AZ

How do I get rid of Pigeons?

How do I get rid of Pigeons?

Chances you ended up on this page by searching how do I get rid of Pigeons. Welcome to the internet home of Bill’s Pigeon Control in Phoenix Az. Bill’s protects people and structures from pigeon destruction and disease. If you are having a problem with pigeons, we have affordable solutions.

Our services are safe and effective. Most services include a renewable warranty so you can have peace of mind knowing that if the pest birds come back, we come back.

Let us help you get rid of Pigeons!

Let us help you get rid of Pigeons!

Getting pigeons is easy. Getting rid of this pest gets more difficult and expensive with time. In other words, consumers are best served to attack a problem early. Contact us today for a hassle-free quote to end your pest bird problems.

How do I get rid of Pigeons?

Pigeons have a rich history of being useful. Their uncanny homing ability made them effective communication tools. Modern communication tools have diminished their usefulness. Today pigeons are more known for being a nuisance and health threat.

Getting rid of pigeons is more than installing the latest gizmo and hoping it solves the problem.  The first step to long-term control is to identify and correct conditions conducive.

Pigeons need a steady food supply, moisture, and shelter. These are conditions conducive to infestation.  Eliminate them and your problem will go away (without installing the latest gizmo).

Installing the latest gizmo is the equivalent of “treating the symptom” while ignoring the cause.  This is a recipe for disaster in the long run. This pest is adaptive. They have a knack for adjusting and overcoming obstacles.

So how do you get rid of Pigeons? Start with identifying and correcting conditions conducive. Skipping and/or ignoring this step will lead to a waste of valuable time, continued frustration, and unneeded expenditure of hard-earned money.

Effective Pigeon Control Methods

After completing this critical first step look at where the “flying rats” are hanging out. Determine how and if that location can be closed off. Typically, bird netting and/or screening is used. When properly done this method is effective and provides long-term relief.

Using humane pigeon traps is a great method to quickly reduce bird populations. You will need a working trap and some corn bait to attract this pest. The proper placement is important as is checking the traps daily. Consumers should consider traps that provide shade from our brutal sun and water.  Dead and decaying pigeons are a challenge to remove.

Consumers should have a plan to discard trapped birds. Remember they are homing pigeons and will return to where they were trapped upon release. We have reports where this pest was trapped in Phoenix, released in Tucson, and back to its original location within 3 days.

Bird spikes when professionally installed are great for keeping this pest from roosting and nesting in select areas. As we discussed this pest is adaptive. Proper installation is important. Improperly installed spikes make for great nesting areas. Spikes that are accessible or that fall to the ground level are a liability to children and pets.

Understanding Pigeon Traits

how do i get rid of pigeonsPigeons like many pests have a mild Neophobia trait. Neophobia is the fear of anything new. Understanding this explains why plastic owls, rubber snakes, windsocks, shiny reflectors, etc. work for short periods of time. Given their mild Neophobia trait, this pest will eventually become comfortable and return to normal behavior.

Before installing netting, spikes, or screening it is important to remove nests, nesting materials and clean the droppings. Pigeon poop is corrosive. It is acidic because of the uric acid it contains. This acid is what destroys structures and roofing materials.

Bird droppings contain diseases that are easily transferable to people and pets.  Pigeon poop has tracking pheromones that must be removed to keep this pest from continuously returning.

A safety mask and/or respirator should be worn. It is best to wet down droppings to minimize dust.

Getting rid of Pest Pigeons is not your average do-it-yourself project. It can be done; however, we recommend saving yourself a lot of frustration and hiring a professional.  When Pigeon Control is done right it can be affordable and provide years of relief.

Pigeon Control Experts

Pigeon Control Phoenix Logo3leftAlmost daily we field requests for pigeons’ services from frustrated consumers who have been battling pigeon problems for years. Their problem has not gone away. They are tired of throwing money away on ineffective solutions and exterminators.

Not all exterminators are pigeon removal experts. In fact, few are very experienced. Consumers are best served to find an experienced pigeon expert. Less than experienced “experts” can provide an “attractive price” with little a no rhyme or reason service. In the long run that “attractive price” will be expensive.

Bills Phoenix Pigeon Control service provides solutions. Let us help you put pigeon problems in the rear-view mirror. Call us today for a hassle-free quote.

For more information about how do I get rid of pigeons in Phoenix Az give us a call or text.

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