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Best Packrat Control and Packrat Removal Services

Need Pack rat removal services in Phoenix, AZ? Do you have a rat infestation? Are you at the end of your rope with your pack rats? Bills Pack Rat Control team can help! Whether you need residential or commercial pack rat removal services, we can help get rid of these pests and keep them from coming back! Our trained rodent technicians will conduct an inspection in your home and then develop a customized plan to eliminate the rodents from your property. Call today to schedule an appointment!

Arizona Pack Rats

The pack rat is one of the most prolific rodents in the United States (and even around the world), and it’s primarily a problem for homeowners. The pack rat is capable of building a nest out of just about anything and constructing dens very close to your home or business. These rodents, like other species in their genus, are unable to survive long periods without food or water and are therefore only active during the hours when food sources are readily available. If you’ve got pack rats nesting on your property, contact us today for effective methods to remove these pests from your home, yard, or workspace!

Packrat Exterminator in Phoenix

Effective rat control is not your average do-it-yourself project. It can be expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating. Even seasoned rat exterminators can be challenged by this pest. Consumers are best served to call a professional at the first sign of a rat infestation.

Pack rats are known for chewing through electrical wires, creating nests and burrows in foundations and attics, displacing residents, and spreading disease. Even if you think you don’t have a rat problem, it’s important to call our team of experts at Bills Pack Rat Control Phoenix to check your home for signs or damage. Our services include a thorough inspection of your property or business with the use of ladders, cuffs, and sticks to check ceiling beams and wall areas where rats can build nests. If there is evidence of pack rats, we’ve found that the best course of action is trapping them individually so they can be removed safely from your home or business before they create more damage or begin reproducing.

How do you know if you have Packrats?

Pack rats tend to be nocturnal. Thus, seeing this pest can be a challenge for the average home or business owner.  Usually, the first inkling of a problem is when their damage is discovered, or droppings discovered. Other signs may be discovering a hidden nest, trails of trampled grass, greasy rub marks on drywall and/or gnaw marks.

What is the difference between Packrats and Rats?

Unlike Roof Rats and other invasive rodents Pack Rats are native to Arizona. Pack rats are smaller than most other rats, and they live in the desert, not the city. They have a long tail and furry feet that allow them to run across sand or climb trees. Pack rats also have fur–not hair–on their bodies.

Arizona Pack Rats prefer to nest outside in dark quiet areas with little human or pet traffic.

Have you seen a pack rat in Phoenix? It looks like a giant squirrel and can be spotted by its large spots or stripes. They are responsible for chewing through electrical wires leading to power outages and fires. The best way to deal with the devastation pack rats cause is to call our experienced pack rat exterminators in Phoenix. We’ve removed thousands of these rats, so give us a call before they do more damage.

Packrat Control Phoenix AZ

Are you tired of the pack rats in your yard? Tired of seeing them scurrying across your patio, or seeing the evidence of their presence under outside furniture?

If so, it’s time to call Pack Rat Control Phoenix AZ! We are experts in getting rid of pack rats and preventing them from coming back again. We can help you get rid of these pests once and for all.

Should you find that rats are taking over your home or business, please know that we offer expertly trained technicians who use the latest technology to trap and remove them safely.

Packrat Removal Services

The first, and best way to get rid of packrats is with the help of a professional pest control company. Having a professional rat exterminator inspect your property if a critical first step on the road to living rat-free.

A professional pack rat exterminator can identify conditions conducive to rats and suggest corrections that will ensure long-term protection against re-infestation.

Packrat traps can be set up around your home with bait that attracts them such as peanut butter or bread. Once they have been trapped, you can call in an exterminator who will safely remove them from your property.

If you choose not to use this method, there are some other things that can be done:

  • Make sure there are no holes around water lines or vents where rats could enter the house through those areas
  • Keep food sources stored in airtight containers so rodents cannot access them

Arizona’s Hometown Packrat Exterminator

If you are looking for the best packrat control Phoenix AZ has to offer, look no further than us here at Bill’s Pack Rat Control. We have decades of experience dealing with Arizona rodents and will work hard to help you get rid of them once and for all.

We provide pack rat control and exterminator services in Phoenix, Mesa, and Scottsdale.

If you have or suspect a problem with Arizona Pack Rats give us a call ASAP. We are happy to provide a free rat inspection and evaluation. Call us at 6021.308.4510 or TEXT US 24/7 at 602.786.7386

Expert Packrat Removal and Packrat Exterminator Services

Expert Packrat Removal and Packrat Exterminator Services

Best Packrat Exterminator Service

In a world where pest infestations can wreak havoc on our daily lives, it’s essential to choose an exterminator service that not only eliminates the problem but also does so safely and effectively. Bills Pest Termite Control’s roof rat exterminator service stands out in the industry for its exceptional approach to tackling pack rat problems. With their expert knowledge, state-of-the-art techniques, and commitment to customer satisfaction, here are three reasons why consumers with packrat issues should look no further than Bills Pest Termite Control.

Expert Packrat Control and Packrat Removal

Bills Pest Termite Control employs a team of highly trained professionals who are well-versed in the habits and behavior of roof rats. By understanding these elusive creatures, exterminators can tailor their approach to ensure maximum effectiveness in eliminating the infestation. With a deep understanding of roof rat biology, the team can identify entry points, nesting sites, and other areas that require attention, ensuring a comprehensive and successful eradication process.

#1 Packrat Removal Service

Bills Pest Termite Control is committed to using eco-friendly and humane methods for roof rat extermination. This is an important consideration for consumers who care about the environment and the ethical treatment of animals. By employing innovative techniques and environmentally safe products, they minimize the impact on the surrounding ecosystem and reduce the risk of harm to non-target species. This approach not only benefits the environment but also safeguards the health and well-being of your family and pets.

Best Arizona Packrat Control

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Bills Pest Termite Control’s service. They understand that dealing with a pack rat problem can be stressful and disruptive, which is why they prioritize open communication, timely service, and long-term solutions. By offering thorough inspections, customized treatment plans, and ongoing support, Bills Pest Termite Control ensures that its clients can regain peace of mind and enjoy a rat-free home once again.

If you are in need of Packrat Control or Packrat Removal Services We can help! TEXT Us 24/7 at 602.786.7386

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