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Need pest control services in Phoenix? We can help today. Protect the ones you love with professional services from the experts. Our team of experienced exterminators takes a thorough and scientific approach to protecting your home and business. We offer both commercial pest control and residential pest control. If you’re looking for a top-rated pest exterminator, we can help. Our services are safe, effective, and affordable. Even better, we do not require a contract or hefty upfront fees as a condition of service. Find out why Bill’s Pest Control Phoenix, Az is Arizona’s go-to-exterminator.pest control phoenix az

Phoenix Pest Control Services

Getting to the root of your pest problem is what our experts do best. We get to the bottom of your pests quickly with our thorough analysis of your home or business. Using proven methods, we deliver exceptional results for our clients throughout Phoenix, AZ. For over three generations, our family-owned and operated exterminator company has provided exceptional pest management. You can trust us for quality and complete results.

Pest Exterminator Services in Phoenix

The Phoenix area is home to countless pests that could invade your home and put your family or business at risk. We get to work quickly, exterminating pests to ensure your living or working environment is healthy and safe. Some common pests we exterminate include the following.


Ants are considered by most local professionals as the #1 Pest Control Phoenix Az. Calls for this ant control are only rivaled by cricket control. Effectively getting rid of ants and keeping them from coming back is the job of an experienced exterminator. Let us help you keep this pest under control. Ant Control


Crickets can seemingly appear overnight. Once they take up residence, their numbers will continue to increase. Calls for cricket control continue year-round. Let our decades of experience keep this pest out of your home and business. Cricket Control


There are five common cockroaches in Arizona. These include American, Oriental, Turkestan, German, and Brown-banded. Regardless of the type of cockroach overtaking your property, our trusted pest company eliminates them quickly. Roach Control


Phoenix is home to multiple spider species including the black widow, the wolf spider, and even tarantulas. Don’t succumb to a spider infestation. Let us handle your pest management and get rid of spiders for good. Spider Control


Scorpions are common in the Phoenix area. They can be dangerous to small animals and even young children. Let us exterminate them before they become a serious issue for your family or property. Scorpion Control

Rodents – Rats & Mice

If you have noticed mice or rats crawling around your property, don’t wait to call our pest control experts! Mice and rats can quickly reproduce leading to a serious infestation. Reach out to us today for a free quote! Rodent Control

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a serious threat to your property—especially if you are a commercial business owner. We’ll get rid of your bed bug problem quickly and for a competitive rate. Bed Bug


Safely and carefully removing ticks from your property is one of our main services. Let us handle your tick problem. Tick Exterminator


We provide full-service residential and commercial Mosquito Control solutions. Let us help get rid of one of Arizona’s deadliest pests. Mosquito Control


Providing humane pigeon control and removal services throughout Arizona. Pigeon Control

Commercial Pest Experts

Working with our company protects your commercial property from pests for good. Our commercial clients have unique requirements, and we are happy to live up to those requirements. As a family-owned and operated exterminator service, we deliver the highest standard of service for our commercial clients. Keeping your commercial property pest-free is our number one goal. Commercial Pest Service

Residential Service

Our effective residential pest control is one of our primary services. Protecting your family from pests is our focus. Our responsible protection plans are designed to fit your budget and your extermination goals. Improving your quality of life, while reducing your cost, has risen our company above others in the area. In fact, we are highly rated and maintain high reviews on both Google & Yelp. Whether you need a random service or if you require regular maintenance, you can confidently choose us for the best possible results.

Trusted Phoenix Exterminator

A big part of exterminating is pest management. We are dedicated to ensuring that your property, whether it is commercial or residential, is completely free of pests of all types. However, if you want to reduce your costs it is better to invest in pest management than to hire an exterminator. Controlling pests upfront is what we can help you do. After our initial service, your property’s pest control can be made more manageable. With time investment on our part, you can avoid more serious infestations down the line. You can reach out to our family-owned pest exterminator company to learn more about our services.

Contract-Free Pest Services

Our effective services are designed to support our clients throughout Phoenix. Whether you are interested in a one-time service, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly control. Instead of dealing with expensive up-front fees, you can choose a service that fits your property and your budget needs. By conducting a complete evaluation of your property, we are better equipped to be your professional exterminator. We look far and wide for the best possible solution for your specific property. As a third-generation pest exterminator provider, Bills Pest Control Phoenix can confidently provide you with the services you need at a cost-friendly price point. You may not be aware that using the wrong products on certain pests can cause more serious issues. We use the right exterminator methods every time. Pest control services are our focus. We believe in giving you the support you need to maximize your investment. Contact our team for more information.

Best Pest Control Exterminator

For over three generations, we have supported Phoenix families and businesses. You can count on our dedicated commercial and residential experts for better service and support. Our expertise and skills enable you to avoid serious infestations. We can eliminate your pest problems with one-time applications and offer you pest management services that protect your property. As a top-rated Exterminator, we highly recommend that you contact us for the best possible services available in the Phoenix Arizona area.

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As a full-service family-owned and operated exterminator, we take great pride in working with the same clients year after year. Whether you are interested in our pest management or if you require complete extermination services, you can confidently hire our team. If you are ready for the best exterminator company that will provide professional treatment to protect your property from pests, we would love to hear from you. Free Online Quote Reach out to our company for high-quality and thorough quotes. Give us a call today! Bill’s Pest Control Phoenix, Az.

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  • Excellent service! They were able to solve my pest problem quickly and at a great price. I highly recommend Bills Pest!

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    Brent Paine

    Very happy with this company. They came out at the time requested. Answered all questions and offered a solution. The office responded quickly and I was... read more

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    Laurie Mosby

    Inspection was done very thoroughly and suggested the type of treatment that can help. It was very professional and i liked the way that they did... read more

    nitish sharma Avatar
    nitish sharma
  • Just moved into a new home and wanted to give Bill's Pest a try since we had excellent service with their termite unit in our previous... read more

    Katie Kosier Avatar
    Katie Kosier

    They came early which was great! Ryan did a very thorough inspection for termites in which he verified that we did and inspected for other little... read more

    Steven Belzer Avatar
    Steven Belzer

    Bill's Pest and Termite Control is awesome! I'm finalizing a VA refinance and the lender informed me on short notice that I had to... read more

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