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Best OvoControl Abatement Phoenix, AZ

Best OvoControl Abatement Phoenix, AZ

Best OvoControl Abatement Phoenix, AZ

Looking for OvoControl abatement in Phoenix Arizona? We can help. Get expert service from your local pest bird expert – Bills Pest Termite Control.  Our services are safe, effective and affordable. If you’re having a problem with Pigeons, give us a call today.  We provide free evaluations, second opinions, and proposals.

Controlling and/or eliminating large flocks of Pigeons can be a challenge in the Metro Phoenix area.  With large flocks’ deterrent measures such as bird spikes, netting and screening may not get the desired results.  OvoControl abatement Phoenix Az may be necessary to get the flock(s) down to manageable levels.

What is OvoControl Abatement?

OvoControl Abatement is a newer, more acceptable and humane option for eliminating pest Pigeons. Instead of using poisons, OvoControl interferes with Pigeon reproduction and reduces flock size, over a period of time, by limiting the number of fertile eggs.  Essentially, birth control.  Targeted Pigeons are not harmed, and the flock size dwindles with natural attrition.

Best Bird Removal and Control Services Phoenix, AZ

Best Bird Removal and Control Services Phoenix, AZ

How does this Pigeon Control Method work?

Pigeons feed on treated bait during their reproductive season.  Targeted Pigeons that eat the bait lay eggs that do not hatch.  They will continue to roost and nest as normal, which keeps new flocks from moving in.  When the flock size is brought down to manageable levels services such as screening, netting and proofing can be effectively deployed.

Once the desired results are achieved, the OvoControl Abatement service can continue in a maintenance rather than treatment mode, to keep the pigeon numbers at manageable levels.

Baiting can begin at any time and OvoControl has been shown to have a wide margin of safety and efficacy.  Flat rooftops are the ideal area to bait pigeons in the Phoenix area. Authorized Bird B Gone Installer

How does OvoControl Abatement work?

Contraception in a population of pest birds leads to a process of attrition.  Instead of constantly creating new offspring and expanding the population, the flock gradually declines through natural causes — disease, nutrition, predation, etc. Effects are visible within a few months of beginning the application of OvoControl and continue over time. You can expect the population to come to equilibrium at roughly 5 to 10% of its starting point.

If you are interested in OvoControl Abatement Phoenix Az services give us a call today.  We can put you on the road to being Pigeon free.

pigeon poop clean up and removal

Pigeon Poop Clean up and Removal in Phoenix, Az

What is OvoControl pigeon and bird abatement?

Answer: OvoControl P is a humane and effective pigeon and bird abatement method that creates a birth control effect in birds. It is a non-lethal approach to reducing urban pigeon populations and minimizing the environmental and health hazards associated with bird droppings. This method involves feeding the birds with bait containing a humane contraceptive agent that prevents eggs from hatching. This leads to a gradual reduction in the number of birds over time as the eggs fail to hatch.

Is OvoControl safe for other birds and animals?

Answer: Yes, OvoControl P is safe for other birds and animals. The contraceptive agent used in the bait is specific to pigeons and has no adverse effect on other bird species, mammals, or humans. The bait is palatable to pigeons and typically does not attract other bird species. OvoControl P is registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and has passed rigorous safety tests.

How effective is OvoControl in reducing pigeon and bird populations?

Answer: OvoControl P has been successful in reducing pigeon and bird populations in several cities and regions. The effectiveness of the method depends on the extent of the infestation, the number of birds present, and the consistency of the bait application. It may take several months for the population to start reducing as the eggs in the nests cycle through. However, over time, the pigeon population will significantly decrease. OvoControl P is a long-term solution as it targets the reproduction cycle of the birds, preventing new offspring from increasing the population.

Free Bird and Pigeon Control Evaluations and Second Opinions

Free Bird and Pigeon Control Evaluations and Second Opinions

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