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Bird Poop Cleaning Service Phoenix Az | Pigeon Poop Removal Company – Tired of seeing Pigeon Poop everywhere? We can help with our expert Pigeon Poop Removal service and affordable pigeon poop cleaning service. Ready to put a stop to your Pigeon problems? Let us help you clean up the mess with affordable Pigeon Clean-up services. Bills Pigeon Control is your hometown exterminator. Our services are safe, effective, and affordable. If you are having a pest bird problem give us a call ASAP. We provide free inspections, evaluations, and estimates for Pigeon clean-up services. Let us put you back on the road to living without bird crap.

pigeon poop cleaning service phoenix az

Pigeon Poop Removal Phoenix Az

Safety, sanitation, and health hazards caused by bird droppings can pose serious liability risks. Left untreated they can lead to illness, accidents, and legal expenses. Protect your property permanently, humanely, and discreetly with expert service from Arizona’s Pest Experts – Bills Pigeon Control.

Pigeon droppings are unsightly and can create health-related problems. Bird droppings cause millions of dollars in property damage and insurance claims every year. Pigeon droppings can spread transmittable diseases to people and animals. Pest birds increase maintenance costs and liability risks. Pigeon clean-up services are a critical step in successfully correcting a problem. Pigeon Bird Poop Removal Service Phoenix Az.

Pigeon debris can destroy a roof in no time at all.  when you mix Bird droppings with our desert heat pest birds they become a serious health threat and create roof destruction!

Did you know that Pigeon Poop Is Poisoning 70% of our children? According to researchers of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, kids, where pigeon feces is present, can be exposed to Cryptococcus Neoforman fungus, which grows in rotting pigeon droppings. This is an airborne fungus… Can you imagine what is coming through your air conditioning units if pigeons are nesting??

Pigeon Cleaning Services

A single pair of pigeons can generate up to 18 new pigeons per year, a single pigeon can generate up to 25 lbs. of pigeon poop per year, it only takes 19 days for a pigeon egg to hatch baby pigeons, pigeon droppings attract parasitic insects, flies and can spread over 60 transmittable diseases to people and animals, Pigeon droppings are acidic in nature and can destroy metal and paint.

Even more frightening is the dangers that pigeon waste can cause pets.

Pigeons DESTROY ROOFS!! Maintaining and repairing damage by pigeon dropping and nests can be an ongoing expense… and could cost thousands of dollars per year. Safety, sanitation, and health hazards caused by pigeon droppings can pose serious liability risks. Without adequate measures, bird waste can lead to accidents, lawsuits, health risks and money from your bottom line in damage repairs.

Our service technicians are trained and certified in installation and treatment for all types of birds including Pigeons. We can provide you with the best option(s) for your specific problem. Our services are safe, human, and designed to give you the most for your budget.

Services Offered:
     Free site evaluation
     Bird dropping & debris cleanup
     Deodorizing & Disinfecting
     Live Trapping & Exclusion
     Bird Proofing
     Ongoing Maintenance & follow-up services
     Product Guarantees

Pigeon Clean-up services can include removing bird droppings and debris by power spraying, shovel, or heavy equipment. After removal, the area is deodorized and disinfected to curtail the health threat. Our bird poop cleaning service can make your home look nearly new again. Pigeon Bird Poop Removal Service Phoenix Az.

Trusted Pigeon Poop Removal & Cleaning

No job is too small or too big! For over three generations Bills Pigeon Control has been Arizona’s Hometown Exterminator. Delivering “customer first” service and providing friendly service technicians that are thoroughly trained has made Bill’s the go-to-exterminator.

If you are having a pest problem and want immediate results give us a call today. We provide hassle-free solutions. Bills Pigeon Control can handler all your bird poop cleaning services.


Pigeon Poop Clean up Services Phoenix Az

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