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Expert Bird Control Phoenix, Az | Bills Pest Termite Control

Expert Bird Control Phoenix, Az | Bills Pest Termite Control

Best Bird Control Phoenix, Az Services

Got pest birds? We provide solutions. Let us help with our affordable Bird Control Phoenix Az services. Bill’s Bird Control Phoenix service provides safe, effective, humane, and affordable bird removal services. If unwanted birds are roosting and/or nesting on your home or business, you are keenly aware of the nuisance they create. We solve bird problems and provide peace of mind.

Because of the beauty of birds and the common practice of having birds as pets, they are often perceived to be harmless and desirable to have around your property. However, birds in large numbers can rival rats when it comes to the potential of contamination, and they should be treated the same as any other pest.

Affordable Phoenix Bird Control Service

Most of our customers are shocked to discover that pest birds and their debris can carry over 60 known transmittable diseases. Pest birds are a health threat to people and pets.

Birds of the Sonoran Desert are beautiful and an important part of our natural environment. Like most pests’ large populations and or gatherings of these birds can lead to problems. The sound of an occasional bird can be comforting. Constant loud caws and never-ending chirping is less than peaceful. Over populations can spoil their beauty, damage structures, property, spread disease, cause injury, and disturb our peace of mind.

Think you might have a problem with pest birds, but you are still unsure? Here are some sure-fire signs you have a pest bird infestation around your property.

Signs you may need Bird Control Phoenix Az Services

  • The first sign is obvious: you notice increasing numbers of pest birds gathering on your property. Large populations of birds are an indication of a problem or soon-to-be problem.
  • Large amounts of bird droppings in and around your property.
  • High levels of insects in the area; may be attracting the birds in the first place.
  • Observing increasing amounts of pests that are associated with pest birds, including flies, fleas, or even mice.
  • Foul odors in or around your premises cannot be blamed on garbage or rotting materials.
  • Random dead birds on rooftops and walkways.
Bird Removal Phoenix AZ and Bird Netting Phoenix AZ Services

Bird Removal Phoenix AZ and Bird Netting Phoenix AZ Services

Expert Bird Removal Phoenix Az Services

If you are seeing an increased level of bird activity give us a call. We provide free inspections and evaluations. Our experienced Phoenix Bird Control experts can pin-point a current or soon-to-be problem. These inspections are free.

Controlling birds is not your average do-it-yourself project. Consumers are best served seeking help from an experienced professional. This avenue can be cost-effective, save time and a lot of frustration. We receive request for service daily from frustrated consumers who have invested a lot of time, money, and effort with little success.

Effective Bird Control Phoenix Az service requires experience, knowledge, patience, and attention to detail. Experienced bird control experts know the key to long-term success is correcting conditions conducive to infestation.

Birds need safe nesting opportunities, moisture (water), and a steady food source. Areas with these critical ingredients are subject to heavy infestations.

Pest birds can be persistent. Using bird control methods without addressing conditions conducive to infestation is a recipe for failure. At best bird control devices will provide temporary relief. Eliminating and/or correcting conditions conducive can provide long-term relief.

How to Minimize Bird Infestations

Preventive bird control measures can curtail potential problems in your home or business. Like most pests, birds gravitate toward ready food sources, nesting opportunities, and moisture. Therefore, the best way to prevent them from taking over your home or business is to avoid making these conditions easy to spot. If you have bird feeders around your yard to attract local bird species, limit them to food that only the native species eat. Avoid common commercial birdseed mixtures that include cracked corn, sunflower seeds, and suet.

Make sure to promptly remove food scraps and any open trash from around your home. Also, be sure trash containers are tightly secured. If you like to maintain bird feeders or birdbaths, keep them out in the yard, further away from the house, and only put out enough feed for a few birds.

Bird Control Methods that Work

  • Netting: Attaching properly sized netting to the bottom of rafters, eaves, and alcoves will close off these areas to birds, who are attracted to such areas for nesting and roosting. This method can provide years of relief.
  • Spikes or bird wire: Proper placement in areas where birds land and roost will keep these areas off-limits. Periodic maintenance may be necessary as the Arizona sun can deteriorate plastic over time.
  • Humane Trapping can provide flock reduction and make the problem manageable. This method can be labor-intensive and will accelerate the effectiveness of the other methods listed here.
  • Nest removal is effective when used in conjunction with other methods. Achieving success requires removing tracking pheromones associated with nesting areas.
  • Shock Track is an excellent tool for keeping pest birds away from specific areas.
  • Bird Proofing provides long-term relief when properly employed. Usually, this method is used to screen rooftop solar panels to keep nesting birds away.

Bird Control Methods that do not work

  • Although marketed for the control of birds, visual scares, such as balloons, plastic snakes, or fake owls rarely work for any length of time. The birds will quickly adapt to their presence and return to their preferred roosting or feeding site.
  • Sound and flashing light devices can repel some birds from setting up roosting sites, but unless any such device is frequently moved, its effectiveness will be limited.
  • Shooting birds is generally prohibited in most areas of the Greater Phoenix area.
Phoenix Bird Control

Phoenix Bird Control

Professional Bird Control Phoenix Az – Bird Netting & Humane Bird Trapping Services

Bill’s Bird Control Phoenix provides nuisance Phoenix bird removal services throughout Arizona. Not every bird infestation is the same. We use a variety of methods for effective bird control. Our bird control services are tailored to the problem and the needs of the customer.

We are experts at bird removal and humane bird trapping services. Get rid of pest birds and bird feces with affordable cleaning and disinfecting services from our cleaning teams.  Bill’s Bird Control provides effective pest bird removal, exclusion services, bird spike installation services, and exclusions.

Bill’s Phoenix Bird Control is your hometown exterminator and go-to-expert for Phoenix Bird Control Services.  Let us put our over three generations of experience to work for you.

We provide free inspections, evaluations, and quotes for bird removal services. Call or text now and schedule a free inspection!

Common Birds We Provide Services for:
  • Grackles
  • Doves
  • Sparrows
  • Hummingbirds
  • Starlings
  • Pigeons
  • Mockingbirds
  • Finches
  • Towhee’s
  • Woodpeckers – Note special permits may be necessary.
  • Phoebe’s
  • Lovebirds
  • Hawks
  • Thrasher
  • Owls
  • Cowbirds
  • Bats
  • Geese
  • Ducks
  • Cranes

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act prohibits capturing, disturbing, killing, and/or causing harm to certain bird species. Consumers are best served to research specific bird types before employing control methods.

Affordable Bird Removal Phoenix Az Services 602.308.4510

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