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Best Arizona Pigeon Exterminator - Arizona Pigeon Removal

Best Arizona Pigeon Exterminator – Arizona Pigeon Removal

Best Arizona Pigeon Exterminator – Arizona Pigeon Removal

Got Pigeons? Need Arizona Pigeon Removal services? We can help! We have an affordable solution that will get rid of the problem and keep it from coming back. Nuisance Pigeon control and removal is a service we have plenty of experience in providing across the Grand Canyon State. Whether you own residential property or own/operate a commercial property, pest Pigeons can be a nightmare to get rid of. #1 Arizona Pigeon Exterminator Bill’s Pigeon Control. Affordable Arizona Pigeon Screening – Arizona Pigeon Trapping Service.

Arizona Pigeon Exterminator

Without the proper protection, you’ll be subjecting your customers, employees, and structure(s) to disease, injury, and trauma. When it comes to all forms of Pigeon deterrents and/or removal in Arizona you can count on Bills Pigeon Removal service to protect you!

At Bills Pest Termite Control, we pride ourselves on building custom Pigeon deterrent solutions to keep pest birds away. There is an array of humane solutions we provide. Our services can be customized best upon the infestation and needs of the customer. These services are designed to provide immediate relief and long-term protection.  Most of these services include a renewable warranty so you can have peace of mind knowing that if the pigeons come back, we come back! Your Hometown Arizona Pigeon Exterminator.

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Arizona Bird Netting

arizona pigeon bird netting

Expert Pigeon Netting

Bird netting is a proven deterrent used to keep out large flocks. It’s also primarily used in places where entry/exit is a bit more complex. We have experience performing commercial Pigeon netting projects with many of them being in large facilities. The beauty of netting is that it will provide you with a complete defense system against any type of flying bird from intruding and nesting on your property. Effective bird netting should be combined with nest removal and pheromone removal to ensure long-term protection.

Bird Spikes

arizona bird spikes

Best Bird Spikes Installation and Maintenance

Pigeons love nesting alongside your rooftops and/or windowsills because the flat surface makes for a safe place to nest. Properly installed bird spikes eliminate conditions conducive to nesting birds. Bird spikes do not harm the Pigeons, they’ll just make a landing on your property an unattractive idea. We have installed Pigeon spikes along windowsills, parapet walls, rooftop ledges, beams, girders, lights, towers, HVAC units, aerials, awnings, doors, entryways and much more.

Shock Tracks

Don’t worry, Our Shock Track deterrent systems aren’t as bad as they sound. This is a more modern, high-end solution for property owners or managers that would like absolute discrepancy when it comes to keeping birds away. Standard Pest Management has a strong stance on doing things in a humane manner. The shock track won’t harm any Pigeons. It will simply send a slight jolt thereby letting them know that “this property is not the right place to nest, go somewhere else.”

Bird Wire

Bird wire is a popular option that our customers love because it requires very little maintenance and provides a cost-effective option to keep birds from roosting. The idea behind Bird Wire is simple. We set up two posts that are bonded in between by nylon-coated steel wire. Underneath the wire, our technicians will place springs. When Pigeons attempt to land, they won’t be able to, due to instability. We typically install these over parapet walls, building ledges, roof ledges, and more.

OvoControl Flock Management

Bills Pest Termite Control always takes a proactive approach to the services we provide. This includes keeping Pigeons out and away from your property. Whether you have an existing deterrent setup or not, this makes for the perfect addition to lower the bird population around your property. OvoControl Flock Management is an automated feeder that will disperse ready-to-use bait. The Pigeons will bring this bait back to where they’re nesting, feed on it, and will not be able to reproduce. This has shown real-world excellent results for homes and commercial properties of all kinds.

Humane Pigeon Trapping

Pigeon Trapping Services Phoenix Az

Humane Pigeon Trapping Services

Arizona Pigeon Trapping services provide a humane alternative to poisons, pellet guns, or other lethal means of bird control. The traps can be used indoors or out to control most species of birds. Returning and releasing a bird to its natural habitat without injuring it provides a certain level of satisfaction. If you have neither the time nor expertise to install traditional bird control devices or bird deterrents, catch-and-release bird trapping offers an ideal bird control solution. Humane Pigeon Trapping services are a viable option for reducing large flocks and/or removal of individual feral Pigeons. Get a no-hassle quote for Arizona Pigeon Trapping today Text 602.786.7386.

Our humane Arizona Pigeon Trapping service ensures that captured birds have food, water, and shelter from the brutal desert sun. We check the live traps periodically to ensure captured birds taken care of and to replenish food and water supplies. #1 Arizona Pigeon Trapping Experts.

Pigeon Screening

Solar Panel Pigeon Control Screening

Affordable Solar Panel Screening and Proofing Services

Arizona Pigeon Screening services eliminate conditions conducive to nesting birds by making these areas inaccessible. Using PVC-coated screening ideal nesting areas are eliminated resulting in the pest Pigeons leaving to find other opportunities. #1 Arizona Pigeon Screening service.

Rooftop solar panels provide ideal nesting opportunities for birds.  Areas underneath the panels provide shelter from the Arizona sun and protection from flying predators.  Pigeons nesting under panels can cause thousands of dollars in damage to wiring and roof tiles. Want to find out more about Arizona Pigeon Screening services? Text us @ 602.786.7386 we are available 24/7/365.

Expert Pigeon Exterminator

Arizona Pigeon Removal services concentrate on getting pest birds from specific areas and keeping them from coming back.  Effective removal often requires a combination of other services and thorough cleaning.  Removing nests, nesting material, and tracking pheromones are essential to Arizona Pigeon Removal.

Avitrol Control

Need to get rid of Pigeons fast? Avitrol is the leading, environmentally sound bird control product that will solve your most difficult bird problems. Our Arizona Avitrol Control services provide an easy solution to getting rid of nesting Pigeons without harm.

When properly used Avitrol can move nesting flocks away from targeted areas without the need to install netting, traps, screening, or shock traps.

Arizona Pigeon Control

Arizona Pigeon Control Phoenix Az - Best Arizona Pigeon Exterminator Services

Arizona Pigeon Control Phoenix Az – Best Arizona Pigeon Exterminator Services

Successful Arizona Pigeon Control is not your average do-it-yourself project. Plain and simple, Pigeons can be very bad for your business. They will surely affect your brand, company image, and customer flow, and employee attitude. Bills Pest Termite Control, as a small business we, understand exactly what you might be going through. That’s why you can count on us to provide you with the most intricate care, attention to detail, advice, and custom solutions possible. Find out why Arizona’s Hometown Exterminator is the highest-rated Arizona Pigeon Exterminator.

One of the solutions we truly pride ourselves on is devising custom Pigeon deterrent solutions. You may be in a structure where you’re not quite sure how the Pigeons are entering. It may seem impossible to you, only for one of our technicians to find an entry point and seal it with the proper deterrent. We use a wide variety of Pigeon deterrent solutions for all types of commercial properties including office buildings, stadiums, arenas, car dealerships, apartment complexes (property management), funeral homes, retail stores, strip malls, grocery stores, and much more.

Feral Pigeons in Arizona

Feral Pigeons are found all over Arizona. From urban to rural areas. Like most creatures, Pigeons need shelter in the form of safe nesting areas, a steady food source, and moisture. It’s no wonder that they can be found in large numbers on structures.

Nuisance birds are most likely attracted to your property for several reasons other than a shelter. To start, the exterior of your home will always provide a steady source of food. Pigeons like to feast on garbage, insects, seeds, grain, and bread, which is fed to them by people who don’t know any better.

You’ll know that you have a Pigeon nesting problem if you begin to see them in flocks cooing to one another. If you wait around long enough, you’ll notice that they are waiting around for food. Droppings will also begin to accumulate wherever they are nesting outside your home. These annoying birds love to nest on top of rooftops, chimneys, attics, lofts, under solar panels, and more. If you don’t see dropping but are aware of some type of nesting issue, try to look around for piles of sticks, twigs, and even grass. This is a surefire sign that Pigeons have invaded.

Why Residential & Commercial Pigeon Nesting Is Such a Hazard

Pigeons, when nesting outside, are hazardous for many reasons. Chief among them is what’s contained in their droppings. Pigeon droppings contain a fungus that can spread disease, which infects humans called Histoplasmosis. This is a respiratory disease. Other types of Fungi spread by Pigeons include Candidiasis, Cryptococcosis, St. Louis Encephalitis, Salmonellosis, and E.coli. Some of these, you’ve probably heard of, others are just as harmful. When we inspect homes and buildings for Pigeon infestations, we try to connect the dots. We’ll look around HVAC units and ductwork where many Pigeons will nest. If we see something, there is much work to be done. Many of the above types of Fungi spread disease, which is transmitted through the respiratory system and can eventually affect other parts of your body.

Pigeon Poop Clean-up Services

Pigeon droppings are also very bad for business. The sight of bird crap is enough to keep customers away. Fresh droppings on walkways can result in liability claims from customers and employees. Getting rid of Pigeon crap is an essential part of services like Arizona Pigeon Screening. Pigeon droppings contain pheromones that pest birds use to local their nesting areas.  Removing these pheromones helps to keep the birds from coming back.

Bird droppings are disgusting, and unsightly, and can cause not just a financial loss in business, but also a drop in employee morale. Who wants to visit anywhere that is surrounded by Pigeons constantly flying, landing, cooing, and dropping feces, and feathers? Did we mention the awful smell that permeates the entire surrounding area? Pigeon droppings are no joke, but we specialize in comprehensive cleanup services. We’ll clean up every bit of Pigeon droppings you have on your property with industrial-rated, High-PSI power washing and sanitizing equipment.

If you or your business is having an ongoing problem with feral Pigeons give us a call today for a free inspection, evaluation, and/or second opinion.  Get on the road to being Pigeon-Free with your Arizona Pigeon Exterminator. Arizona Pigeon Removal – Arizona Pigeon Trapping – Arizona Pigeon Screening

Best Arizona Pigeon Exterminator – Arizona Pigeon Removal 602.308.4510

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