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Best Termite Treatment for New Construction

Best Termite Treatment for New Construction

Best Termite Treatment for New Construction – Bills Pest Termite Control

Consumers and contractors have an ally against the destruction that termites can unleash.  Bill’s Pest and Termite Control is a trusted name in Arizona Termite Control. For over three generations, Arizonans have relied on Bill’s to protect their homes and businesses.  We provide premier termite treatment for new construction services.  Bills Termite treatment services use the best products available, our decades of experience, and the best service personnel in Arizona to deliver long-term protection and peace of mind.

Let us help with the termite portion of your project. We make the process easy. Call or text the square footage, type of construction, property location, and we can provide an instant no-obligation quote. All new construction termite treatment quotes include a comprehensive initial service, the final grade service, and multi-year renewable warranty.

New Construction Termite Treatment

When it comes to termites, Arizona has a well-deserved reputation for being the termite capital of North America.  It’s not if, rather it’s when will termites attack.  Termites can attack a structure from deep underground, from outside, above, and even by flight.  Protecting a structure from almost certain destruction should be a no-brainer. Bills is your hometown’s new construction termite control expert.

Termite Treatment for New Construction Options:

Liquid Soil Treatment – Bills new construction termite control uses a state of Arizona and EPA-approved termiticide to treat the soil before the foundation or slab is poured. All the footers and areas where slabs will be poured are treated to the State of Arizona Department of Agriculture standards. This option is performed in the very initial stages of construction. This option provides the structure with a 3-year service warranty.

Borate Wood Treatment – Bills uses natural borates to treat all wood construction components which are in contact with the foundation. All sills, studs, and sheathing that are in contact with concrete are treated out 24” from the contact point. This option is performed immediately after dry-in and must take place before the sheet rock is installed on the walls. This step usually occurs in conjunction with plumbing and electrical installation. This option provides the structure with a 3-Year Service Warranty.

Best Arizona Termite Control

When it comes to termite treatment for new construction, or termite pretreatment exterminator services, consumers and builders tend to focus on “product.”  In other words, what termiticide will be used. Exterminators performing termite treatment for new construction services are mandated to use only EPA and State approved products.  Each of these products is tested and approved.  In short, they will all exterminate termites.

While all will eradicate termites, the mode-of-operation will differ among the different products.  Whether a product kills an insect upon contact, or over a period of time should not matter as much as the fact it will exterminate.

Termite Treatment Services Phoenix Arizona

A more important and often overlooked aspect is what is the residual? How long will a product protect against termite infestation?  Residual protection can last from 3-15 years for approved termiticides depending on the product.  As would be expected many of the cheaper products provide shorter periods of effective protection.  Most of the more expensive products (Termidor, Premise 75, etc.) fall in the middle with 5-12 years of effective protection.  The longest effective residual protection for termite treatment for new construction services is 15+ years when using products with the active ingredient Bifenthrin.  These products generally are priced closer to many of the cheaper termiticides.

Application is critical – Using a low-end product that is mixed and applied properly will yield better results than any high-end product that is not.  Even a properly mixed product is useless when not applied to where it should go to provide optimum protection.  When it comes to effective termite treatment for new construction services consumers are best served to focus on application.  Using an experienced and trusted exterminator is critical.

Trusted Pretreatment Exterminator

Bills new construction termite control service is Arizona’s Termite Experts.  We have been providing quality termite treatment for new construction services for over three generations. Bills is Arizona’s go-to exterminator for termite protection.

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Best Termite Pretreatment New Construction Phoenix Az

Best Termite Pretreatment New Construction Phoenix Az


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