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Scottsdale Arizona Pest Control

Do you have a pest emergency? Your Scottsdale, Arizona, pest control specialists are here to help. Give us a call at (623) 400-5501. Bill’s Pest & Termite Control is here to help you keep unwanted pests out of your home. We provide the Scottsdale, AZ area with the most effective pest control solutions. 

Scottsdale AZ Pest Control Services

If you need a pest control company that both eliminates pests and prevents them from coming back, you can count on Bill’s Pest & Termite Control. Our team of experts examines the issues surrounding your home, and provide solutions for the long term. We work with commercial and residential property owners for all their termite and pest control needs.

If you’re looking for a highly-rated exterminator in the Scottsdale AZ area, get in touch with Bill’s Pest & Termite Control to rid your home of these unwanted pests.

Our Strategy for Eliminating Pests

Our team of professionals will work to quickly contain the pests in your home or commercial property. One of the most important things that we focus on is safety. Our approach is safe, efficient, and effective. You should expect nothing less when working with one of the premier pest control companies in Scottsdale, AZ. 

What To Expect From Bill’s

We want our customers to know our exact process from beginning to end. As one of the premier pest control companies in Scottsdale, you can expect the following when we enter your home:

  • Develop a plan of action once the pests are identified
  • Rid your property of the pests using our tried and true safe methods.
  • Inspect your property to ensure pests do not reappear
  • Provide you with tips and tricks to keep pests out of your home

Do you have unwanted pests in your home? The experts at Bill’s Pest & Termite Control is here for you, every step of the way. With decades of experience, we always place our clients first, and do not quit until the job’s done. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment. 

Pest Control for Your Scottsdale AZ Residence

If you are one of the many homeowners in Scottsdale, you likely have had experiences with unwanted pests in the past. At Bill’s Pest & Termite Control, we provide our customers with the very best methods to rid your home of these pests. Get in touch with us today so we can provide you with a home free of termites, rodents, and more.

We are affordable, reliable, and want the absolute best for our clients. When you trust Bill’s, we will tailor a customized strategy to your individual pest situation. Regardless of which type of pest you are dealing with, we will provide you with a solution. Concerned about the environmental impact? Ask about our environmentally-friendly pest control solutions we provide. 

How Often Should Bill’s Treat My Property?

How often we should come by and treat your property depends on the type of infestation and the conditions of your home. On average, we recommend that you have us treat you home once every quarter or bi-monthly. Again, this really depends on your specific situation. 

There are a few things you can do to keep pests out of your home. Let’s check out a few tips below:

  • Keeping your property clean both inside and out
  • Keep overall moisture levels low
  • Repair any type of cracks or holes in your property’s foundation.
  • Ensure that all windows and doors have a screen
  • Make sure that food is not left out in the open

If you would like additional information about our pest control services, get in touch with us today!

Pest Control for Your Apartment

Do you live in an apartment complex? We provide our services to protect your apartment from pests. We have helped our customers rid their apartment of ants, rodents, roaches, and more.

Pest Control for Your Commercial Property

Are you a business owner who is looking for a pest control solution? Look no further than Bill’s Pest & Termite Control. We provide our services to commercial properties that will eliminate various pests, such as ants, mice, and more. So, if you are a commercial property owner who is looking for a long-term pest control solution, get in touch with Bill’s today! We provide our customers with the peace of mind knowing that no unwanted pests are present in their business. 

Commercial and Residential Termite Solutions

Termites are one of the most common types of pests our customers experience within their home. It’s important to take the signs of an infestation seriously, as the issue will only worsen if too much time goes by. Believe it or not, a termite infestation could lead to expensive repairs, however, that’s where our experts come in with sustainable termite solutions. Our solutions are effective and we even have environmentally friendly options available to our customers, instead of the traditional pesticides. Our experienced technicians will develop and implement a plan of action for the best long-term solution. 

If you believe that you are noticing signs of a termite infestation, get in touch with us today so we can provide you with the very best termite solutions in Scottsdale, AZ.


Believe it or not, birds can be dangerous for humans. They could nest in various places in your home, and become a nuisance. Our bird solutions are humane, and are offered at affordable prices. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our bird solutions today!

Bed Bugs

A bed bug infestation can wreak havoc on your entire life. Get in touch with our experts today to schedule an appointment! We will get to the bottom of the infestation, and recommend a number of solutions to provide relief. As your Scottsdale Arizona pest control expert, we will evaluate your specific situation and form a solution that works best for you. We take great pride in providing the absolute best service to our customers, so give us a call today to get started!


As your Scottsdale, Arizona pest control specialists, our core goal is to provide our customers with the best rodent control solutions available. Our experts have experience in a variety of different rodent situations, from rats and mice, to squirrels. 

Rodents are harmful to humans, as they carry various types of diseases, and could even cause property damage. As your premier pest control company in Scottsdale, Arizona, we have the experience to rid your home of rodents. Give us a call today so we can provide you witht the best rodent solutions possible. 


Cockroaches are dangerous, and can cause health issues for humans. Our Scottsdale cockroach control services provide homeowners and businesses with an alternative to trapping or spraying the cockroaches. Although these solutions work, they are not sustainable in the long term. 

Our experienced technicians will inspect your home and depending on the severity of the infestation, will create a customized plan for you. We only use the most effective approach to cockroach infestation. We will continue to treat your home for the infestation, and provide you with tips and tricks on how to prevent a similar infestation from occuring in the future. 


Scorpions are one of the most difficult pests to remove, and is not something you should attempt on your own.

We use granules to control the scorpion infestation, which are placed 10 to 20 feet around your home. Although granules are an effective method to controlling scorpion infestation, if you have a large number of pests, this might not be the right solution. We also apply sticky traps for more intense infestation. These traps are placed where scorpions are most likely to hide. Get in touch with your Scottsdale Arizona pest control specialist today to begin ridding your home of all types of pests.


Wasps are a danger to both you and your family. Our experienced technicians will ensure that we thoroughly inspect your property to find where these pests are hiding, and put together a long term solution for your specific infestation. Get in touch with us today for a consultation. As your Scottsdale Arizona pest control company, you can count on us to provide you with a happy and healthy home, free of pests.

Neighborhoods We Serve

Are you interested in our pest control services? Here are the local neighborhoods we serve: 

  •      Old Town Scottsdale
  •       North Scottsdale
  •       Fashion Square
  •       Gainey Ranch
  •       McCormick Ranch
  •       Scottsdale Villa Mirage Resort Casino
  •       South Scottsdale
  •       Grayhawk
  •       Troon North
  •       Downtown Scottsdale
  •       DC Ranch
  •       Scottsdale Mission


Get in Touch With Your Scottsdale Pest Control Pros Today!

As one of the most trusted in the area, Bill’s Pest & Termite Control has been serving our friends in Scottsdale for more than three decades. Our experts can take care of nearly any pest that is present in your home by compiling a custom solution catering to your individual property. We provide our customers with environmentally-friendly methods of pest control as well, so you won’t have to worry about your family or pets. Get in touch with us today to regain peace of mind, and rid your home of pests. 

Some More About Scottsdale, Arizona

Located in the middle of the Arizona desert, Scottsdale is known for it’s spas, golf courses, and overall beauty. There are countless trails that you can bike or hike along, such as the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, where you get to enjoy the beautiful desert scenes. Scottsdale was also home to Frank Lloyd Wright, and you can even visit his home. Visit Old Town Scottsdale to check out the 19th century olive trees and classic buildings.

Scottsdale is also home to the Monarch Butterfly. World renowned, this butterfly is one of the most majestic creatures to call Scottsdale home. There are also a number of other beautiful creatures you can check out during your visit. In Scottsdale, there’s sure to be something for everyone to enjoy! While you’re here, check out the bustling downtown area that is home to countless fascinating attractions.

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    Brent Paine
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    Laurie Mosby
    Inspection was done very thoroughly and suggested the type of treatment that can help. It was very professional and i liked the way that they did... read more
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    nitish sharma
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    They came early which was great! Ryan did a very thorough inspection for termites in which he verified that we did and inspected for other little... read more
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    Steven Belzer
    Bill's Pest and Termite Control is awesome! I'm finalizing a VA refinance and the lender informed me on short notice that I had to... read more
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