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Got rodents? Need rodent pest control services? We can help with our expert Rodent Control Exterminator Phoenix Az services. Our services are safe, effective, and affordable. Our rodent removal services are designed to provide immediate relief while proving residual protection against re-infestation. Bills Rodent Pest Control Phoenix is your hometown rat and mouse exterminator. We are experts at removing all types of pests including rodents from your home or business.

Family-owned and locally operated our services are safe, effective, and affordable. Call us today. We can get you back on the road to living and working in a safe environment rodent-free. Bills Rodent Pest Control Phoenix provides free quotes and evaluations. Put our experience and expertise to work for you!

Rodent Control Exterminator Phoenix AZ

Rodent Control Exterminator Phoenix, AZ

Rodent Control Phoenix Az

Rodents are notorious public health pests. They have filthy habits. The diseases they carry and the resulting property damage can make rodent control one of the most important jobs an exterminator does.

Rodents have always been a thorn in the side of mankind. The need for rodent control services can be traced back throughout our history. In fact, the modern science of pest management is evident during the “Black Death” of the 14th Century, when the association between rats and the plague pandemic was first identified, and armies of “rat catchers” set out to reduce rat populations throughout Europe. We now know that fleas, another serious public health pest, played a vital part in the transmission of the plague.


rodent inspection phoenix az


Trusted Phoenix Rodent Exterminator

Bill’s Rodent Pest Control Phoenix has been providing relief to homeowners and businesses in the Valley of the Sun for over three generations. We have the experience to eliminate all types of Arizona rodents. Today rodents are still important public health pests in Arizona. The demand for Rodent Control Exterminator Phoenix Az services, while often seasonal, remains high. Rodents have been linked to spreading diseases such as Murine, Typhus, Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, Leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, Lyme disease, Bubonic plague, and other diseases, as well.

Rodent removal does not have to be difficult. However, effective eradication should be entrusted to a professional exterminator. Rodent baits and poisons can be dangerous. Exposing a household and/or pets to these toxic products can be dangerous. Hiring a professional Rodent Control Exterminator Phoenix Az can yield immediate results and deliver peace of mind.


Common Phoenix Rodents

There are many species of rodents, but the three species that Rodent Control Exterminator Phoenix Az deals with the most are the Norway rat, roof rats, and the common house mouse. These three species are what we call “communal rodents,” which means that they “eat at the same table” as we do. In other words, these critters can be found living in and around humans.


roof rat control in phoenix az

Roof Rat Control in Phoenix Az

Norway Rats


Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus) are brown, heavy-bodied rats with small eyes and ears, blunt noses, shaggy fur, and tails that are slightly shorter than the head and body combined. They have poor vision, but excellent senses of touch, taste, smell, and hearing. They can jump several feet if necessary, have good balance, and are good swimmers. Likewise, they’re also known as brown rats, sewer rats, or wharf rats.

Norway rats will eat almost anything. But they’re xenophobic and avoid new objects in their environments for several days, including food that mysteriously pops up where it wasn’t before. This makes trapping and baiting a challenge.

Norway Rats are burrowing rodents by nature. But especially in cities, where most of the ground is covered by concrete, they have adapted to living in and around human-occupied buildings and other structures. They can often be found in basements, crawl spaces, wall voids, sewers, manholes, utility chase ways, and other protected areas close to their sources of food and water.

Norway rat control consists of correcting sanitation problems, removing food and water sources, trapping, exclusion (sealing rats out of homes and other buildings), and, when necessary, poisoning.

Rat Exterminator in Phoenix AZ

Rat Exterminator in Phoenix, AZ

Roof Rats

Roof rats (Rattus rattus) are also known as black rats, although their coloration ranges from light brown to jet black. They’re more slender and graceful than Norway rats and have smooth, almost silky fur. Roof rats also have pointier noses, larger eyes and ears, and longer tails relative to their bodies than Norway rats. An adult roof rat’s tail is slightly longer than its head and body combined.

The Roof Rat, also known as the Black Rat, Ship Rat, or House Rat, is an Old-World species that can be traced back to Southeast Asia. Roof Rats are not native to Arizona. The first report of this species presence in Phoenix was in 2001. Experts believe this species arrived in Phoenix hidden in freight, food shipments, livestock feed, or associated equipment.

Roof rats are found in Metropolitan Phoenix in small pockets of areas with high populations of this menace. Areas with fruit trees and greenery are conducive to this critter.

Roof rats are believed to have better vision than Norway rats, along with excellent senses of smell, taste, hearing, touch, and especially balance. They need that sense of balance because roof rats are accomplished aerialists. They live in trees by nature. In populated areas, however, they’re quite happy living in attics, basements, crawl spaces, barns, sheds, warehouses, and above drop ceilings, often running along power wires to get in and out of buildings.

In commercial buildings, roof rats often use overhead pipes and beams as runways, making the placement of traps and bait stations a challenge. Exterminators who frequently treat buildings for roof rat rodent infestations spend a lot of time on ladders and forklifts.

Although they will eat almost anything, roof rats prefer fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables. Roof rat control consists of correcting sanitation problems where necessary, removing food and water sources, locating and placing traps along their runways, exclusion, and (when necessary) poisoning.


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Since arriving in Phoenix populations of Roof Rats have exploded. Like native pests, this species needs shelter from our Arizona sun, moisture, and a constant food source. Central corridors of Phoenix provide ideal conditions with an abundance of Citrus, Palm, and mature trees along with irrigation. Nearby homes and businesses provide a constant food source.

Roof rats are destructive. They will feed on just about any food source including pet food left outside. In fact, contaminated pet food often leads to unexplained illnesses and expensive trips to veterinarians. Constant gnawing on electrical wires is thought to be the leading cause of unexplained structural fires.

Of even more importance, roof rats are a significant threat to the health and well-being of people and pets. They have been implicated in the transmission of several diseases to humans and domesticated animals, including murine typhus, leptospirosis, salmonellosis (food contamination), rat-bite fever, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and even plague.

Consumers with a roof rat problem and seeking Roof Rat Exterminator Phoenix Az services are best served to call a professional immediately. The health risk alone is a reason to call. Bills Rodent Pest Control is your hometown exterminator. We have over three generations of experience helping Arizona residents remove pests. Call today for a free inspection and evaluation. The sooner you call, the sooner we can put you back on the road to living pest-free. Rodent Control Exterminator Phoenix Az.

Phoenix Mouse Exterminator

Phoenix Mouse Exterminator

House  Mouse

House mice (Mus musculus) are small, slender rodents whose length rarely exceeds three or four inches. They’re usually gray or brown, although there are many color variations. They have pointy noses, small eyes, and large ears. Their vision is not very good, but they have excellent senses of balance, smell, taste, touch, and hearing.

House mice are omnivorous, but they strongly prefer seeds and grains. Unlike rats, mice do not need to drink water: They get enough from the foods they eat. But they will drink water if it’s easily available.

Because they’re small and kind of cute, most people don’t realize that mice can be as serious a health threat as their larger cousins the rats. Because they’re smaller, mice are able to get through tiny openings, which often bring them much closer to humans. Mice often live inside wall voids behind cupboards where human food is stored, slipping in and out through tiny openings — and contaminating our food with filth and germs.

Extermination of house mice consists of correcting sanitation problems, removing food sources, sealing food in rodent-proof containers, exclusion (sealing the mice out), trapping, and (when necessary) poisoning. Mouse Removal Exterminator Phoenix Az.


Professional Mouse Removal

Got mice? We can help rid these critters from your home or business today. Get expert Mice Removal Exterminator Phoenix Az services from your hometown exterminator. If you’re looking for the best rodent control in Metro Phoenix Arizona call Bills Rodent Control. Our services are safe, effective, and affordable.

Mice are considered the most troublesome rodent in Arizona. They can live in and around a variety of conditions. Homes, commercial structures, open fields, and agricultural lands can all support nesting areas for mice.

Mice are great climbers and can run up any vertical surface. They can run across rope or wire cables and can jump one foot down to the floor. In Arizona, it’s not uncommon to see mice scurry up stucco walls.

Short of actually seeing mice the first signs of infestation are mouse droppings. Usually, the droppings are in and around nesting areas. Holes in drywall at floor level with distinctive chew marks can be a signal that a problem exists.


What To Do If You Suspect A Mouse Infestation?

At the first inkling of a mouse infestation consumers are best served to call a professional Mice Removal Exterminator Phoenix Az service. Allowing mice to infest areas inhabited by humans and pets is not a good idea. Mice can spread diseases. Some of which can be fatal.

Because of these dangers, mice should be kept away from homes, schools, child care centers, nursing homes, hospitals, restaurants, food storage areas, warehouses, office buildings, or cafeterias.

Getting rid of mice is not usually a do-it-yourself project. Mice while not as difficult to control as other rodents can still be a challenge. Calling a professional Mice Removal Exterminator Phoenix, Az service can save consumers a lot of time and frustration.


How Can You Help Control A Mouse Infestation?

Phoenix Rodent Control

Many exterminators rely solely on poisons to control rat and mouse infestations. When you rely on chemical poisoning, good results are short-lived. The exterminator has to keep coming back to refill the bait stations, and you have to keep paying the exterminator to do that. Worse yet, even when all the rats or mice are dead, new ones will move in to take their place. And you’ll keep paying to poison them. Not such a great deal for consumers.

At Bills Rodent Pest Control our rodent control programs are designed to provide long-lasting rat and mouse control. Here’s how we do it:

  • Inspection: We find out where the rodents are, how they got there, and what they’re eating.
    Habitat Modification: Correcting/eliminating conditions conducive to nesting is critical to long-term relief.
  • Trapping: Helps to provide immediate, short-term relief.
    Exclusion: Keeping the critters out is an important part of long-term rodent removal success.
    Baiting: An important step to providing immediate, short-term relief.


How Can You Help Prevent A Mouse Infestation?

Step One: Rodent proof your home or business.

  • Check the outside of your house for holes or gaps the size of a quarter or larger
  • Repair all openings using rodent-proof materials:1/4 inch 18-22 gauge wire hardware cloth
  • Install metal weather stripping under doors to remove gaps

Step Two: Remove food sources.

  • Keep garbage cans covered at all times
  • Pick fruit, nuts, and vegetables as they ripen, and throw away or compost fallen fruit on the ground
  • Feed pets during daylight hours only, and remove uneaten food right away
  • Avoid storing food in garages and storage sheds at night unless in rodent-proof covered metal containers

Step Three: Always use traps, not poison bait inside.

  • Poisoned rodents may die inside walls or attics, creating odors and attracting flies
  • Use snap traps when mice are inside your home
  • Place traps at entry points, or where you have seen rat droppings
  • Use CAUTION when placing traps around children or pets
  • Bait the traps with peanut butter or the food the rats have been eating
  • Tie-down traps to prevent injured rats from dragging the traps away and dying inside your walls
  • Check traps at least twice a week

Step Four: OUTSIDE your home use poison bait!

  • Keep bait away from children and pets
  • Rodent proof your home BEFORE using poison bait
  • Always read the label and follow directions when using poisons
  • Multi-dose, anti-coagulant poisons are the most effective, and the rat may need to feed on the bait for several days for it to work
  • Place poison bait in an enclosed bait station, where rodent droppings have been found
  • Make sure bait is in a protected area, such as under woodpiles or thick vegetation where rats may be hiding
  • Check bait stations twice a week and add bait when necessary
  • Place dead rodents in sealed plastic bags and put them in the trash

Step Five: Correct Rodent habitat!

  • Remove all trash and debris
  • Stack woodpiles, lumber, and household items at least 18 inches above the ground, 12 inches away from fences and walls
  • Trim trees, bushes, and vines to at least 4 feet away from the roof
  • Remove heavy plant vegetation such as ivy and bougainvillea away from buildings and fences
  • Thin vegetation to allow daylight in and remove rodent hiding places


Call Bill’s Pest Today For A Trusted Phoenix Rodent Exterminator

For more information about Rodent Control Exterminator Phoenix Az and how we can help you achieve long-lasting rat and mouse control without breaking the bank give us a call today. The sooner you call, the sooner we can get you on the road to living rodent-free. Rat Removal Exterminator Phoenix Az

Best Pest Control Company in Phoenix Az

Best Pest Control Company in Phoenix, Az

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