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Solar Panel Bird Proofing | Best Pigeon Proofing Services

Solar Panel Bird Proofing | Best Pigeon Proofing Services

Solar Panel Bird Proofing | Best Pigeon Proofing Services

Secure the longevity and efficiency of your solar panels right now with Phoenix, Arizona’s leading pest control company, Bills Pest Termite Control. As an Arizona homeowner, don’t let your solar panels turn into a home for unwanted guests like birds and pigeons. Instead, enlist our expert Solar Panel Bird Control & Solar Panel Pigeon Control. By doing so, you make a proactive decision to maintain the efficiency and structure of your solar panels, saving money and ensuring the health and safety of those around you.

Why Solar Panel Bird Control & Solar Panel Pigeon Control Is Essential

While solar panels are excellent investment options for clean and green energy in sunny Arizona, they are naturally attractive to birds and pigeons. Here’s why dealing with this issue promptly is crucial:

  1. Threat to Efficiency: Birds and pigeon droppings can etch onto the surface of solar panels, obstructing sunlight and reducing their energy output.
  2. Structural Damage Risks: These creatures may build nests that block airflow beneath the solar panels. This could lead to overheating and potential architectural concerns for your rooftop.
  3. Health Hazards: Birds and pigeons often carry diseases. Their presence could pose health risks for people living or working nearby.
  4. Cost Implications: Engage in regular maintenance checks and cleaning to preserve solar panel integrity. This will increase ongoing costs.

Bills Pest Termite Control Services

Harnessing years of experience, Bills Pest Termite Control provides reliable Solar Panel Bird Control and Solar Panel Pigeon Control services across Arizona. We ensure lasting solutions to protect your solar panel investments from pesky birds and pigeons.

Our service offer includes:

  • Complimentary Inspection: We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your solar panels, estimating the damage caused by birds and pigeons.
  • Personalized Solutions: Drawing from the results of our inspection, we then devise a customized Solar Panel Bird Control and Solar Panel Pigeon Control plan that fits your unique needs.
  • Quality Installation: We will assemble a sturdy, weather-resistant bird barrier system. This defense mechanism will deter pests from nesting under your solar panels without detracting from their appearance or functionality.
  • Satisfaction, Guaranteed: We are committed to your satisfaction and proudly back our work. We will not rest until you are completely satisfied with our Solar Panel Bird Control and Solar Panel Pigeon Control services.

Connect with Bills Pest Termite Control Today

Don’t let bird and pigeon problems impact your solar investment. Rally the professional team at Bills Pest Termite Control to address your Solar Panel Bird Control and Solar Panel Pigeon Control needs. Call us now at [phone number] or use our online contact form to schedule your free solar panel bird and pigeon proofing inspection. Choose Bills Pest Termite Control, your trustable and dedicated partner in keeping your property safe and pest-free.

Common Questions about Birds and Pigeons Nesting Under Solar Panels

Owning solar panels is a great investment in green energy, but it can bring some unexpected challenges, especially when birds and pigeons decide to nest under them. Being aware of the issues that these pesky creatures can cause is crucial in maintaining your solar panels and roof. Here are answers to three common questions that customers of Bills Pest Termite Control in Phoenix, Arizona typically ask:

Why do pigeons and birds like to nest under rooftop solar panels?

Pigeons and birds are attracted to nesting under rooftop solar panels for a few reasons:

  • Shelter: The space underneath solar panels provides a secure and sheltered location, protecting them from direct sunlight, extreme weather conditions (such as rain, wind, or snow), and predators.
  • Warmth: Solar panels absorb sunlight and generate heat. The trapped warmth under the panels creates an ideal environment for birds and pigeons to nest and stay cozy.
  • Safety: Solar panels often have a small gap between the panel and the roof, which provides birds and pigeons with a relatively undisturbed nesting area, away from people or other disturbances.

Should I be concerned about pigeons nesting under rooftop solar panels?

Yes. There are valid reasons to be concerned about pigeons nesting under your rooftop solar panels. Apart from the unpleasant sight and sounds they bring, their nesting can lead to:

  • Decreased solar panel efficiency due to obstruction and droppings on the panels.
  • Potential fire hazards as nesting materials are flammable.
  • Roof damage, such as water pooling, seeping, or roof decay, due to their nests blocking the natural water flow off the roof.
  • Health risks from possible diseases or parasites carried by pigeons.

What kind of damage can birds and pigeons do while nesting under solar panels?

Birds and pigeons nesting under solar panels can cause a variety of damages, affecting your solar panels, roof, and potentially your health:

  • Solar Panel Efficiency: Bird droppings can accumulate on the panels, blocking sunlight and reducing efficiency.
  • Structural Damage: The nests built under solar panels can interfere with water drainage and airflow below the panels, causing water damage and overheating, which can eventually lead to structural damage to your roof and panels.
  • Health Hazards: Birds and pigeons can carry diseases such as Histoplasmosis, Salmonella, E. coli, and even parasites like bird mites. Their nesting puts you, your family, and your pets at risk of contracting these illnesses.
  • Increased Maintenance Costs: Frequent cleaning and repairs may be required to maintain your solar panels and mitigate pest issues.

At Bills Pest Termite Control in Phoenix, Arizona, our team of experts is dedicated to helping you address these concerns. We offer professional solar panel bird and pigeon proofing services to keep your investment in top shape. To schedule an inspection or learn more about our services, please contact us ASAP.

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