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Got termites? We can help! When you need Carefree Termite Control services call the experts! Bills Carefree Termite Treatment Service is your hometown exterminator.  We are Arizona’s Termite Experts.  If you need a report for escrow, refinance, a free home inspection, a second opinion, or an estimate for termite treatment services, We can help. Call today for a free inspection, evaluation, and/or second opinion. #1 Carefree Termite Treatment Service – Bills Carefree Termite Control. Affordable termite control Carefree Az and Termite Treatment Carefree Az Exterminator Services.

“Homeowners in Arizona spend billions of dollars every year to protect their homes from termites!”

Termite Control Carefree Az

If your home or business in Carefree doesn’t already have termites…it’s just a matter of time before termites infest your home. In fact, the demand for Carefree termite control services is at an all-time high.

Prior to the existence of Carefree …the area was raw dessert loaded with termites. Construction has provided moisture sources, shelter from our Arizona heat, and food (the wood in your home). As a result, termite populations in Carefree Arizona have exploded.

As the homes in Carefree Arizona age…the initial termite barrier(s) or pretreatments are wearing out…no longer fending off the hordes of termites waiting to feast on your home.

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Bills Carefree Termite Treatment recommends that every home in Arizona should be inspected at least once a year for termites. We provide FREE termite inspections and evaluations.

Termites are highly destructive wood-destroying insects, causing major structural damage to homes and commercial buildings across the United States. Yearly estimates of damage run into the billions of dollars.

Termite Control Carefree Az

Phoenix pest inspectorHomes located in Carefree Arizona are more likely to see large termite infestations and the resulting damage as termites feed year-round without being hampered by cold weather.

Carefree Arizona is home to several species of Arizona termites and not all infestations should be treated the same. For example, treating the soil around a home (standard for treatment for native subterranean termites) has no effect on a termite infestation involving Western Drywood Termites.

Most Carefree termite treatment exterminators are only familiar with the more common native species of subterranean termite. These termites are easily detected by the shelter tubes they construct on foundation walls or inside garages.

Best Protection = Termite Inspection

termite treatment carefree azDetecting other termite species found in Arizona can be difficult for the inexperienced exterminator. An undetected termite infestation can result in structural damage and depreciate the value of your home.

Homeowners in Carefree Arizona should have their homes inspected at least once a year by a trained and experienced termite inspector. Catching a termite infestation early can save you the cost of expensive damage repair and maintain your home’s resale value.

When termites are found it’s important that a complete termite treatment with an effective product be done early in the infestation. A complete termite treatment minimizes the chance(s) of re-infestation while using an effective termiticide ensures a lasting treatment.

Trusted Carefree Termite Exterminator

carefree termite exterminatorEffective Carefree termite control requires a specialized set of skills. Thorough knowledge and experience are required to know where the likeliest entry points are in your home. Many of these points are hidden and are hard to access.

Carefree Termite control requires specialized equipment most people don’t own. From rotary hammer drills to soil treatment rods, and foamers, this equipment helps termite exterminators find and root out Arizona termites that may elude Carefree Arizona homeowners. Typically a treatment to eliminate and control termite populations involves hundreds of gallons of termiticide injected along and under a home’s foundation, underneath concrete slabs, or within foundation walls. These access points and materials are not readily accessible to the general public.

Choosing a good Carefree termite treatment service can be a complex decision. There are hundreds of termite exterminators in Metro Phoenix.

Carefree Termite Treatment

Pest Control trained techniciansDifferent Carefree termite control companies will offer different treatments and warranties to deal with your Termite issue. In many cases, they should come back to retreat the affected area(s) at no extra charge. Make sure this provision is included in your termite control agreement. All liquid termiticides are supposed to last for five years when they are applied properly. Not all termiticides are the same…a termiticide that works well in other states may not fare so well in the sandy soil of the Sonoran Desert. The actual length of time these treatments control the termite problem in your home will depend on the thoroughness of the application, the severity of the termite control issue in your area, the type of termiticide used, and other conditions. Normally if swarmers are found the year after you have an exterminator come out, it’s because of human error in the application and not in the failure of the chemicals.

Termiticides are tested thoroughly for any effects they might have on the health of people and animals. Before any chemical can be used, it must be tested and approved by the EPA and the State of Arizona.

If you suspect you have a problem with termites in your home, seek the help of the professionals at Bills Carefree Termite Control. Bills Carefree Termite Treatment is your hometown exterminator #1 Termite Treatment Carefree Az. Arizona’s Termite Experts – Bills Carefree Termite Exterminator. Affordable termite treatment Carefree Az and termite control Carefree Az exterminator services. WE KNOW CAREFREE TERMITES!

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