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Termite Inspection Scam Phoenix Az – Several times a month we field calls from angry Realtors, and/or sellers claiming a Termite Inspection Scam. Most of the time the charge is being leveled against another Phoenix exterminator, though on occasion the accusation(s) strike a bit closer to home.

In over two decades of handling those calls, the end result is often the termite inspector was doing his or her job pursuant to State Laws and regulations. On rare occasions, the circumstances do not pass the “smell test” and either a termite inspection scam was attempted or the termite inspector made a mistake based upon a lack of experience. The majority of Termite Inspection Scam claims to boil down to misunderstandings.

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Termite inspection reports are prepared by the State of Arizona, and it is the only form approved for use. If a termite inspection report is needed for a real estate transaction, the exterminator is required to complete the Arizona WDIR form.

The termite report is a minimum of three pages including a diagram. More detailed reports may include additional pages. The State of Arizona has created several laws and regulations that dictate what information must be included in all reports.

There are very few “gray areas” within these rules and regulations. Only an active licensed exterminator with proper training and experience is permitted to complete the termite inspection report. Failing to properly complete a termite inspection report may result in State penalties and civil liability.

Arizona Termite Inspection Reports – WDIIR

A common myth is that the termite report is only for termites. Visible evidence of any wood destroying insect is required to be reported. Another common myth is that the termite inspector is only noting active (live) termite infestations. The State of Arizona requires that any evidence, of any wood-destroying organism, whether past or present, must be reported.

Older Phoenix area homes often have a termite history, having been treated multiple times. It’s not uncommon for evidence of past infestations to be visible or detected by an experienced termite inspector. Though the evidence may be decades old and clearly not active…the termite inspector is required to note the evidence.

Termite Evidence?

“The termite inspector noted old termite stains and there are no termites in this house, it was treated a few months ago…this is a termite inspection scam!” Many calls relate to a similar scenario. In these situations the caller may be accurate…there are no termites and the house was recently serviced, however, the State requires that all evidence be reported including “old termite stains.”

There is no State law that requires a home must be treated if termites are found. While a termite inspector may recommend service they have no authority to require termite treatment. Buyers and/or lenders may require a termite treatment as a condition of purchase.

Termite Inspection reports are designed to give the potential purchaser as much information, both current and past, to make the right buying decision. When considering the purchase of a home with a termite history or located in a “termite area” and if the home does not have a current protection plan, it may be wise to require the seller to provide some type of service warranty. Buying a new home and getting termites shortly thereafter makes the warranty a great idea.

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The termite inspector is typically hired by the buyer, and this is an important step in avoiding a termite inspection scam. Most termite inspectors are motivated to sell a termite treatment, so they serve the interests of the buyer. Failing to disclose information or reporting inaccurate details can result in the termite inspector losing their license. Stiff fines and civil liability can put a Phoenix exterminator out of business. Buying a home is a risky proposition on all fronts so having someone on your side can only help!

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