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Termite Inspection Report Phoenix Az – Need a Termite Inspection Report? We can help! Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown exterminator and Arizona’s Termites Experts.  We provide an array of termite services.  Call us today 602.308.4510 or TEXT us @ 602.786.7386. Our services are affordable and we provide a same-day response.

We can provide a termite inspection report for the purchase/sale of real estate, refinancing, VA Loans, second opinions, and just about any other reason.  Our reports are prepared electronically and available on the day of inspection.

“Only a fool would consider buying a home in Arizona without a complete termite inspection and history report.”

Buying a home can be a bittersweet mixture of excitement and nervousness.  The process can seem a bit complicated and overwhelming.  Hopefully, when it’s over, and you are comfortably seated in your new home it can be deemed a worthy cause.  Getting a termite inspection report may be the difference in buying the right home

After finding the right home the prospective buyer(s) must submit an offer to purchase.  If the offer is accepted the buyer(s) now have a 10-day period to complete any and all inspections needed to determine if the home is worthy of purchase.  One of those inspections should be a termite inspection. termite inspection report phoenix az

Arizona Termite Inspection Reports 

Before considering the purchase of any home in Arizona getting a termite inspection report should be a no-brainer.  After all the Grand Canyon State is a haven for at least 17 different species including the most destructive found in North America.  Not all termites are the same.  Simply walking around the exterior and studying the foundation for the tell-tale signs of infestation, mud tubes, is not enough to ensure a home does not have these critters.  In fact, only a few of our species even make mud tubes or live in the soil.

Most Valley exterminators are familiar with the evidence of infestation when dealing with our more common subterranean type termites.  Few have the experience and/or training to detect the subtle evidence of infestation indicating the presence of less common types of termites.  Drywood termites for example are rarely seen as they nest deep within the wood they infest.  Because of their cryptic nature, most infestations are not detected for 7-10 years.  Often the first signs of infestation are when a homeowner notices reoccurring piles of “sawdust.”  The “sawdust” is fecal pellets that are being discarded from hidden nests to make room for more termites.  This activity does not usually occur until the colony reaches maturity.  Inexperienced termite inspectors often miss the small kick holes or mistake the fecal pellets as cricket droppings.  This can be a critical mistake and leave an active infestation with continued time to devour wood framing.

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A good termite inspection report should contain information regarding current and past infestations, treatment plans, and conditions conducive to future infestation.  Correcting conditions conducive to future infestation is always a wise investment and in itself may be enough to keep a home termite-free.

The typical report is usually two pages of state-mandated information and a third page containing a detailed diagram.  Buyers are advised to order the initial inspection early in the 10-day period to allow time for follow-up inspections and adequately address any questions that may arise.  The inspection should include the inside/outside a home and all accessible areas.  Areas that could not be checked should be noted on the report.  Buyers are advised to consider ordering a follow-up inspection to check areas that were inaccessible.

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Exterminators are held responsible for the accuracy of the report for the date of inspection only.  Generally, reports are valid for 30 days, although individual lenders have self-imposed discretion and have been known to accept reports that are 30-120 old.  Evidence of termite infestation can appear practically overnight and buyers are best served with a “fresh” report.

Termite Inspection reports generally run $50-$150 for an average-size home depending upon the experience of the inspector and warranty.  Consumers are advised to thoroughly review the completed report ASAP.  If the information on the report is confusing contact the inspector for clarification. For more information about Arizona termite inspection reports give us a call.

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    5 star review  Just moved into a new home and wanted to give Bill's Pest a try since we had excellent service with their termite unit in our previous home. Patricia came out and was friendly, timely, and thorough in all her application. Very fair pricing for regular, every other month service. It's been about a month since Patricia was here and only one harmless spider has been seen inside our home. I highly recommend Bill's Pest and Termite for all your pest needs!

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    5 star review  Bill's Pest and Termite Control is awesome! I'm finalizing a VA refinance and the lender informed me on short notice that I had to arrange for a termite inspection using a specific form. Bridget from Bill's was able to come out the next day, they were familiar with the form the VA needed. They are certified, prompt, friendly and reasonably-priced. Thankfully no termites were found but Bridget was able to show me where the prior owner had done treatment and tell me how thorough it was. If I ever need treatment this is who I'll call for certain!

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    5 star review  They came early which was great! Ryan did a very thorough inspection for termites in which he verified that we did and inspected for other little critters. They quoted us a very good price for the service and had a very excellent warranty. We went ahead and chose Bill's they showed up early again and did everything that they quoted. I highly recommend Bill's Pest Control very professional and courteous will renew in the coming years

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