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Avondale Tick Control | Tick Pest Control Avondale AzGot ticks? We can help! No one wants to reach down on their leg and feel a big, nasty tick crawling around. Get expert service today and get on the road to living tick free. At Bill’s Pest Control, we make sure you won’t, with full-service tick extermination services. Not only can ticks irritate your skin, but they also present other dangers. Worse still, you could end up with a tick infestation without professional help. Our full-service tick removal in Avondale prevents infestations and keeps you and your family safe. Give us a call to receive a free estimate for your tick pest control needs. Need Avondale Tick Extermination services? Call or text us ASAP. The sooner you call, the sooner we can put you on the road to living tick free. Tick Pest Control Avondale, Az – Avondale Tick Infestation – Tick Removal – #1 Avondale Tick Exterminator

Tick Pest Control Avondale Az

Brown Dog Tick

The Brown Dog Tick is small and consumes human blood, just like other ticks. They are more of a nuisance than a danger to humans, but your pets could face serious disease and illness if proper preventative measures are not taken.

American Dog Tick

The American Dog Tick could ride home on your dog’s back after a hike in the Arizona mountains if you’re not careful. One quick jaunt through the woods and your home could be teaming with these pesky, dangerous, ticks. They also feed on humans, particularly favoring your armpits. These ticks also carry Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and can make you very sick.

Soft-Bodied Tick

Soft-Bodied Ticks are smaller than other species but are very dangerous. They are a common source of bacteria as well. A single bite from this disgusting arachnid can cause Tick-borne Relapsing Fever, which leads to headaches, chills, nausea, vomiting, fever, and can cause delirium.

The Dangers of a Tick Infestation in Your HomePet Safe Phoenix Pest Control

Tick-Borne Illnesses

Perhaps the most serious concern of a tick infestation is tick-borne illnesses. From Lyme disease to bacterial infections, this pest can cause chronic health conditions. And if you have a family pet such as a dog, an infestation may even cause you to lose them to tick-related disease. Bill’s Pest Control is your hometown Avondale Tick Extermination service.

Long-term Infestation in Certain Homes

While most modern construction safely secures a home from becoming a host to a tick infestation, certain buildings like rustic cabins or poorly maintained ones can be the perfect place for nesting. Multiple-entry points can also increase the risk of infestation.

Reduced Property Values

If your home becomes a breeding ground for ticks it can significantly lower its value. That’s why the best strategy is to swiftly exterminate any sign of ticks before they spread and become unmanageable.

Avondale Tick Extermination – Tick Prevention TipsAvondale tick removal

There are a few things you can do to avoid having ticks infest your property. We’ve listed a few helpful suggestions to avoid a serious tick infestation in Avondale.

Make Your Lawn & Yard Undesirable

Disposing of empty bird and rodent nests, trimming tall grassy areas, and keeping your lawn short and well-maintained can significantly reduce your chance of an invasion.

Add Gravel Barriers

Ticks thrive in brushy, dense vegetation. If you add gravel barriers to any wooded areas and patios around your home, you will reduce the likelihood of having a tick problem.

Use Tick Prevention for Pets

If you have pets that roam freely outdoors, it’s critical that you keep up with their flea and tick prevention medication. Also, be sure to thoroughly inspect their fur before they come indoors or spend time in your yard. Feeding ticks can fall off and spread the disease to humans from pets without preventative measures in place.

Ticks go through a four-stage life cycle that starts with eggs, larval, and goes through two more stages of what’s called nymphal and finally an adult. All stages of ticks, aside from eggs, feed on blood as their source of food. If you live in a wooded or grassy area, it is critical that you work with tick extermination professionals to eliminate your risk of infestation.

What an Avondale Tick Exterminator Does For YouAvondale Tick Exterminator

When you work with an Avondale tick exterminator, you gain access to professional services that eliminate your tick problem for good. In general, you can expect your tick extermination plan to include the following:


Our team will first thoroughly inspect your property to identify your pest problem. We’ll go through both your indoor and outdoor property to see precisely what pest you’re dealing with. We will also identify the species of tick infesting your property.


Our pest technician will provide you with detailed information about your pests including life cycles, behaviors, and tips for preventing further tick issues.

Habitat Recommendations

If we identify certain areas on your property that could contribute to a tick problem, we’ll inform you and provide additional recommendations. For example, increasing sunlight, reducing moisture, and installing thick ground cover can greatly reduce your risk of infestation.


Once we’ve provided the necessary information, helped you adjust your outdoor property to reduce infestation risks, and inspected your indoor and outdoor spaces, the next step is extermination. We’ll focus on ground cover vegetation to kill ticks at the source.

Follow-Up Inspection

Next, we’ll come back to your home to see if any additional tick control work is necessary and update any stipulations regarding our service agreement. The follow-up inspection is designed to ensure your home is completely free of ticks and pests.

Hire Bill’s Pest Control Avondale Tick Extermination

Avondale tick exterminatorGetting rid of pests that cause disease is our top concern. As a family-owned local and trusted Arizona business, with over three generations of experience in pest control, we take pride in providing excellent customer service and our reputation speaks to this with over 2500, 5-star reviews from our clients. Your family and your property should never be subjected to any sort of pest infestation. Our tick removal in Avondale keeps you pest free and your family safe. Bill’s Pest Control is your hometown Avondale Tick Infestation Removal service.

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