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Best Woodpecker Pest Control in Phoenix, AZ

Are woodpeckers driving you crazy? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Bills Pest Termite Control is your reliable hometown exterminator. We offer a wide range of Woodpecker Pest Control services in the Phoenix area. Our services are safe, effective, and affordable. If your property is under attack, give us a call today. We are happy to provide a free evaluation and solution.

Woodpeckers can be a significant nuisance for homeowners and business owners alike. Once they find a property or structure, they can cause severe damage by creating large holes that allow insects and moisture to penetrate the surface. Moreover, the constant drumming of their beaks attracts other woodpeckers, leading to a growing and costly problem for property owners.

Professional Woodpecker Removal Phoenix, AZ

Professional Woodpecker Removal Phoenix, AZ

Professional Woodpecker Removal Phoenix, AZ

Woodpeckers typically peck at dead or diseased trees and limbs, but they have also been known to target homes, buildings, chimneys, vent pipes, siding, metal, and air conditioners. They peck to find food, excavate nesting areas, or create space for food storage. These birds can have two or three broods per year, each with three to six offspring. Immediate attention is crucial to minimize damage.

It’s essential to note that woodpeckers are protected and it is illegal to harm them. They are considered a migratory non-game bird protected by Arizona and Federal law (Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act). You cannot kill, injure, capture, shoot, or poison woodpeckers without a permit. Violators can face fines up to $2000 and may include up to 2 years imprisonment.

Phoenix Woodpecker Pest Control Solutions

Woodpecker Pest Control services are best handled by a professional. Nesting areas often have two holes cut (or pecked) out: one smaller and one larger. The smaller hole is usually used by the male, while the larger one is used by the female.

Effective control methods include physical barriers, exclusion, and scare techniques. Physical barriers installed in pecking and roosting areas will help deter woodpeckers by preventing entry. These barriers are commonly made of steel mesh. Noise scare techniques can also be effective in some cases.

For more information about Woodpecker Pest Control services in the Phoenix area, give us a call today at 602.308.4510.

Best Arizona Woodpecker Control

Best Arizona Woodpecker Control

Hiring Bills Pest Termite Control for Woodpecker Problems

When it comes to dealing with woodpecker problems in Phoenix, Arizona, homeowners need a reliable and effective solution. That’s where Bills Pest Termite Control comes in. With years of experience dealing with various pest issues, Bills Pest Termite Control has proven to be the best choice for Phoenix residents. Here are some reasons why you should hire Bills Pest Termite Control to take care of your woodpecker problems.

1. Expertise and Experience

Bills Pest Termite Control has been in the pest control business for over three decades, and their team of skilled technicians has extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with woodpecker problems. They know the behavior and habits of these birds and can quickly identify the most effective solution for your specific situation.

2. Comprehensive Solutions

Bills Pest Termite Control offers a comprehensive range of services to address your woodpecker problem. From identifying the cause of the issue to implementing effective deterrents and exclusion techniques, they will take care of every aspect of the problem to ensure a long-term solution.

3. Environmentally Friendly Methods

Bills Pest Termite Control is committed to using environmentally friendly methods to control woodpecker problems. They utilize humane deterrents and exclusion techniques that do not harm the birds or the environment, ensuring that your home is protected while minimizing the impact on the local ecosystem.

4. Excellent Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Bills Pest Termite Control. They are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and will work closely with you to address your concerns and ensure that your woodpecker problem is resolved to your satisfaction.

5. Competitive Pricing

Bills Pest Termite Control offers competitive pricing for their woodpecker control services, ensuring that you receive the best value for your money. They also provide free estimates, allowing you to compare their prices and services with other pest control companies in the area.

6. Licensed and Insured

Bills Pest Termite Control is a licensed and insured pest control company, which means that they meet all the necessary requirements and regulations to provide their services in Phoenix, Arizona. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you are working with a reputable and professional company.

7. Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Bills Pest Termite Control has received numerous positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers who have experienced their woodpecker control services. This speaks to the quality of their work and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Professional Woodpecker Pest Control in Phoenix, AZ

If you’re experiencing woodpecker problems in Phoenix, Arizona, Bills Pest Termite Control is the best choice for effective and reliable solutions. Their expertise, comprehensive services, environmentally friendly methods, excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and positive reviews make them the top choice for dealing with your woodpecker issues.

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