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Certified Avitrol Applicator Phoenix Az

Certified Avitrol Applicator Phoenix Az

Certified Avitrol Applicator Phoenix Az

Got birds? Looking for environmentally sound bird control that can make even the most difficult bird problems go away? We can help. Bill’s Pest Termite Control is your hometown Bird Control Experts. Our services are safe, effective, and affordable. Let us help you find the right solution to your pest bird problems.

Effectively getting rid of pest birds and keeping them from coming back requires hiring expertise. Unfortunately, the average exterminator lacks the experience, training, and equipment to provide the long-term solutions that consumers seek. Bills Pigeon Control will collaborate with you to provide long-term solutions that help you achieve and continue freedom from pest birds.

Certified Avitrol Applicator

Bills Pigeon Control has been providing pest bird solutions for over three decades. Our experienced and know-how sets us apart in the industry. As a certified Avitrol Applicator, we have teamed up with the best in the industry to provide Arizona consumers with the best solutions in bird control.

Pest bird problems can have profound consequences.

Disease – There are many distinct types of diseases that pest birds spread through their droppings. In fact, there are at least 60+ distinct types of diseases associated with pest birds. Many of these diseases can become airborne and can be transferred by just being around bird droppings! People and pets that come in contact with bird poo can lead to severe reactions and/or death.

Diseases that are associated with pest birds include Histoplasmosis, Candidiasis, and Salmonellosis. Histoplasmosis is a respiratory disease that is caused by fungi that grow inside pigeon droppings that can be fatal. Candidiasis is a yeast infection that causes painful itching in the mouth, skin, respiratory system, and intestines. Salmonellosis is often described as “food poisoning” but can also be found in pigeon droppings. Contamination in the ventilators or air conditioners of restaurants can contaminate food and surfaces.

Distraction – Bird droppings can be unsightly, can deface property, and ruin curb appeal.

Destruction – Bird droppings not only make a structure look ugly, but it can do considerable damage to paint, railings, and canopies. Bird droppings are high in uric acid and have a pH level of three, making it as acidic as lemon juice. Left on a structure, furniture, metal railings, and vehicles, bird poop can etch and corrode. Nesting materials in AC units, ventilation systems, and electrical boxes have been known to start fires.

Authorized Avitrol Applicator

Our aim is to provide the most cost-effective, environmentally sound solutions to consumers dealing with tough bird problems. We believe that deploying Avitrol grain baits can be a surefire way of achieving complete control.

Avitrol is pre-treated grain bait designed as a repellant for flocks of pest birds. Once birds metabolize the active ingredient, affected birds emit a distress signal similar to a predator attacking the flock. This distress signal will frighten the flock away with affected birds experiencing a reaction, and then complete recovery within 4-5 hours without side effects.

If you are experiencing a pest bird problem and want a solution that works, call us today. We will dispatch an experienced bird control expert to thoroughly evaluate the problem. A detailed report, along with pictures and recommended service(s) will be provided at no charge. Our inspectors are honest and straightforward. We will not propose any unnecessary service(s). If the problem can be remediated without service, we will let you know.

Authorized Avitrol Provider Phoenix Arizona 602.308.4510


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