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Pigeon Control Methods in Phoenix Az

Pigeon Control Methods in Phoenix, Az

Effective Pigeon Control Methods in Phoenix, Az

Need to get rid of Pigeons? We can help! Get expert help today from Arizona’s Pest Experts – Bills Pest Termite Control.  Our services are safe, effective, and affordable. We provide free evaluations and quotes for service.  Give us a call today @ 602.308.4510 and we can help you get on the road to living without pest birds.

Before attempting to get rid of Pigeons on your own, you should know that they are not your typical pest.  Most do-it-yourself attempts at removing this pest end in complete failure.  Effective Pigeon removal requires expertise and experience.  When it comes to Pigeon removal there is no silver bullet or simple spray-on remedy for this pest.  If fact what may work in one situation will only lighten your wallet in another. Solar Panel Pigeon Control Screening.

Pigeon Control Methods Phoenix Az

Most often, getting rid of pigeons requires an integrated approach – that is, the use of several strategies used in concert.

Before considering any Pigeon, Control Methods consumers should understand that Pigeon waste, nesting, and nesting materials are a health threat.  Exposure can cause illness and or death.  Extreme caution should be exercised.

Another problem with nesting pigeons that might be worth paying attention to are the parasites (bird mites) that feed on pigeons and their young. When a nest is abandoned, these mites will scatter and infest the surrounding area. Occasionally, they will bite humans as they explore their surroundings, looking for another blood host.

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This information illustrates the importance of thorough cleaning prior to using any Pigeon Control Method.  Removing nests, nesting materials, and power spraying Pigeon droppings is critical to the success of any pigeon control method. Pigeon Control Clean-up service.

Since Pigeons mark their territory with pheromones contained within their droppings is important to remove those pheromones after cleaning up.  Otherwise, Pigeons born on-site will continue to return to their birthplace.

Pigeon Control Methods

Pigeon Proofing – involves modifying your property to deny pigeons access. Pigeon spikes, bird netting, bird slopes, bird wires, electrified tracks, and wiring can be effective pigeon deterrents. Installation of these methods requires experience and can be expensive. However, Pigeon proofing is one of the most effective strategies, and you’ll save money over time not having to clean up the corrosive feces or disinfect their loathsome, disease-ridden roosts.

Pigeon Trapping – one of the most effective ways to reduce a large flock. Depending upon the size of the flock and the number of traps this method can work in as little as 30 days.  Most programs take about 6 weeks. Although this method is very effective for reducing flock size it is generally not an effective stand-alone service.  Total elimination may involve using this method in conjunction with other options.

Optical Gel – a multi-sensory bird repellent that deters birds using sight, smell, and touch. This product offers a nearly invisible alternative to other control methods.

Overcontrol – a chemical-laced bait that renders pigeon eggs non-viable. It’s pigeon birth control. It usually takes six to eight months before results are obvious. Like trapping it is usually not a stand-alone treatment when seeking total elimination.

Avitrol – a chemical frightening agent to remove pest birds. Will cause Pigeons to emit distress and alarm cries that will scare other Pigeons away.

If you are experiencing a problem with Pigeons, it’s best to start with a free evaluation from an experienced expert.  Call us today for your free inspection.  The sooner you call, the sooner we can get you on the road to being free of pest Pigeons.

Effective Pigeon Control Methods in Phoenix Az 602.308.4510

Need Pigeon Removal Services? We can help! Let us help you select the best Pigeon Control Methods.

Need Pigeon Removal Services? We can help! Let us help you select the best Pigeon Control Methods.

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